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  1. ^^ oh.. my fault. Because I just think he is weak so he need someone protect him so I choose abigail... I will try change his ability such as can call skeleton from flint like shaman king manga . Tks for reply my topic
  2. Version 1.0


    His name is Jen Wilson. This is Wilson son. He try to find his father who had been kipnap when he 10 years. 4 year later. He go to everywhere and meet maxwell. The crazy guy decide play a game by take Jen to an island where he can find his father or will die in there. ^^ Name: Jen Wilson Age:14 Can summon abigail by crow (use trap to catch crow and plant it in the ground to summon abigail). Because he is a child so his sant and heal are very low (sant:150 heal:100). P.s This mod for Nightmare ver @.@ I'm very sorry if someone can not use this mod. I can't fix bug or anything because I don't know code or something like this. I just make this mod depend on template character in moding tools. but I will try my best
  3. very inter mod. but u can help me why other custom player mod can use this mod @.@ plz .. ex. Link hero
  4. ^^ Tk u so much... ^^ I hope u can creat many many other animal for don't starve world... ^^ ex snake ...
  5. ^^ Thank u. :3 waiting test tool from u