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  1. ( sorry I didn't post anything. The Internet is really slow in my house and I have literally just moved to an new house)
  2. Gray was in another kind of lucid dream. He was in a dark room full of holes and there was his memories in the holes. His childhood, his first day at school and lots of fight between him and his dad, the day he meet Jue Qiu and many other.
  3. "Weird. She doesn't know how hers light spell works. I can only two spell but I know how their work and maybe I could learn her, but It will be another day" she thinks for herself.
  4. Tanja could see Athena make a light ball from the distance. She was really fascinated about. She carefully walked towards Athena. " interessant that you can make a light ball. Maybe you can teach me? " she said to her.
  5. Gray was in a kind of a dream. He was in a park in England? But where? He walked a little bit around the park. He then saw a picni basket with lots of good food, tea and biscuit, but there was an person siting near him. It war his friend. Jue Qiu, she was dressed in lovely yellow dress and hers hair was nicely tied up with a pink flower. Gray sat near with her, and their eat some of the food. When thier was finished. Jue Qiu say to Gray " come on there's something I think you will see" Gray followed after her. Their come deeper into the foreste. Jue Qiu began to run so fast, that Gray began also to sat the tempo a little bit faster. When he came to her. There was a little opening in the forests. She looked at him in hers elegant eyes. Gray came closer to her. When he touches her. She turned into sand, Gray could hear some kind of dark music in his ears. The trees began to turn into dead tree and thier roots begin to come closer to him. He couldn't moved a muscle, and then the roots catches him. The trees shoved him into a deep dark endless pit.
  6. Gray was confused was is going on .a fight between Emma,Crowley and Draco. He didn't liked at all " it must be stopped, but how?" He thinks for an conclusion. Gray began to scream of Agony. Gray felt is like an pain in his body that won't stop. Gray Laid on the ground. His heart beaten in rhyme, "stop" he screamed at for no reason.
  7. Tanja was pleased that the pig with big tusk and have scale on it to introduce for himself. she had never seen an talking pig before, but she didn't get the joke about if my bones can not bring so much. she was kind of confused. the other began to be peckish, but Tanja was not hungry at all. " is okay if yours eat you dinner, but i cannot eat" she said to them all
  8. #1:Zoroark #2:I really want to pokemon Y when it came out, but I refused. 3. Snivy from pokemon Black 4.Jolteon 5. I have never encounter one 6. Pokemon Plantium
  9. Tanja could heard that Athena,said weirdos. She got an suddenly flashback. There was an large crowd around her. People screaming at her by some cursing word. they said freak, weirdo,monster and many more. Tanja came suddenly to herself again and said to Athena " right" in a low toned voice.
  10. "am actually an lich is more different then a living skeleton and im wearing clothes. so it cover most of my skeleton body expect my head and my fingers. so I almost look like a human..again" she said in a sensitive look to them. now she said in a more soft voice to them" I am very pleased that you introduce me to yourself in a kind of polite way" Tanja said her last sentence to them.
  11. (thank you, Geni and sorry for my bad manner to you) Tanja. wandering in the forest alone for herself. she could not really walk properly and it was kind of hard to walk on bones legs. Tanja touches her legs. " I missed to be an human, so i could feel my skin again" she thinks for herself. Tanja could see some people from the distance. Tanja came closer to them and begin to hide in the bushes. She think if she could introduce herself to the stranger. Tanja rise herself up and trying to introduce from the group " hello people. nice to meet you. i know that you have never seen an talking skeleton, but im Tanja. you could also call me Hope, if you want.
  12. It is mean I can join because I cannot really read it. Make it more clearer and, geni. i think you have enough character. I got an idea if the other people that are in this rp can vote for me if I can be there.
  13. Can I join? Name: Tanja or Hope Age: 23 Gender: female Race: lich ( was an human before, but turned into a lich) Looks: is not so much to say about her, only that she's a look like a skeleton. Her height is 5"7. On her right eyes she is blind. Tanja wearing a kind of poorly made clothes robes and wearing a silver necklace and an light blue stone inside the necklace. ( it hers soul so it bound to her) Abilities: she can use magic, but her magic skill is not the best. For example. Can shoot magic beam not so long range, can use a shield it will not last so long ,maybe can necromancy but she's not very good at it and maybe use some few other magic tricks. Tanja has also a small dagger with some runes on it, it will increase the damage on the dagger. She had also her staff. Weakness: she is a skeleton so she is very unstable like if someone throw a rock on her legs it will fast as possible it will come out. She's half blind so it can be hard to hit someone. personality: good:Amiable,Aspiring,Challenging,Clever,Focused,Leaderly and friendly. Bad: Arrogant,Demanding, rebellious, revengeful. Like: scented candle, badger, her friend and rain. Dislike: snow, the smell in her town, tall people and ruthless kings Goal: to become a human, again.
  14. Gray wake up from his sleep roll. he could feel the cold wind in his face and it will soon to be spring. Gray could see that, Emma and Draco was already awake. " good morning everybody " he said them in a fresh voice. Gray took some of the food that Emma, have make. he sat with Draco. the dragon said to him of the blood that he gave to Gray. " im fine. I can not feel the injured, anymore" he said to them in lovely voice.
  15. Gray saw that the group was in panic and there's going lots of conflict, madness and someone soon to be dead. " I think I will go to bed. Right now" he said it when he pulled his sleeping roll.