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  1. oh my gosh the robotical mechanical fantastical family photo is so cute!!
  2. setting a good example and working on my own tarot card ^^ the four of swords the card represents rest/escapism/revival so I thought Woodie trying to escape/revive via meat effigy would be pretty fitting *v* ANYWHO i'm looking forward to this project getting done in the next couple months get eXCITED uvu huehuehu also i recently downloaded gimp since it comes with such high praise from a certain lovely comic artist *v*;;; IT IS V COMPLICATED wish me luck with my new programs lol
  3. Honestly. The first step you need to make is contacting Klei. They will be able to help you out I'm sure. Just shoot them an email explaining the situation and see if they can help you out at all! ^^; They may not be able to fix the problem, but since their character is involved they may have more authority know-how on how to get it taken down :0 I've definitely seen a lot of people using that vector! It's lovely. I'm so sorry you have to put up with so many people stealing it and using it for their own profit D:
  4. Yeah, Maxwell would've been hella amused by our shenanigans at the con ahahahaha And hmmm... that's interesting! I've never used gimp... even though I've known of it for ever. I guess that's the allure of SAI tho, that it's pretty straightforward. Once I'm through SAI I will hop onto that train and see what I can see. As long as it's not as intense as adobe products I think I can figure it out :0a
  5. rolling around at the speed of sound

  6. It'S A FANTASTIC PROGRAM!! But there's a lot to learn! Especially after being a photoshop/fire alpaca baby for so long ahahah! I think over the next couple of weeks I will start to really focus on figuring it out *o* Thanks!! It was a fun shoot to do! *o* and yeah, SAI will take some learning. gimp seems to be really popular... maybe one day I will check it out as well *v* yEAH! The girl cosplaying deerclops made it for me!! It was so exciting and SO CUTE AND FLUFFY ehehehe
  7. also i got a pc for my bday/xmas super combo gift (a hot new alienware named hannibal) so i finally have SAI too it's so different how does it work we will just have to find out ?? ???
  8. oK so I already posted this in the cosplay thread but i don't really care because YEAH SO HEre'S SOME HOT COSPLAY PICS from ikkicon i'm the wilson and tumblr user hay-needle is the deerclops *o* yeH YEH YEH
  9. i don't care hOW OLD THIs THREAD IS here's some rad pics of my and tumblr user hay-needle's cosplays at ikkicon i was wilson and she was deerclops!! dang gurl and also SHE GAVE ME A SMALL BIRD 8) 8 ) 8) 8)) ) ) )
  10. i saw max and a couple other people i follow on tumblies post their summary of art AND I WANTED TO AS WELL!!! it has been a v productive year!!!
  11. dont draw when ur elbow is fricked up cause ouchies BUT I DID IT ANYWAY presented w/o comment 8)
  12. I already gushed about your bird interpretations on tumblr BUT GOSH I LOVE BIRD INTERPRETATIONS OF CHARACTERS. I am so happy about your fanart it is adorable and also BIRDS! *v* what WILL you do next hhehe!
  13. thanks everyone!! i will do my best to get better soooon *v*/)
  14. YOUR INTERPRETATION OF THE DEERCLOPS IS HECKA COOL, MISS!! So spooky and unnerving *v* much like the rest of the atmosphere of your comic hehehe!! I wonder what will go down next *o*
  15. sURE Well, not much of a cool story, but I was at the movie theater and i was coming back in after going to the bathroom and im not sure what happened but i either tripped over my own feet or over stairs or something and i totally ate it. except i tried to catch myself and jammed up my elbow something fierce. i didnt realize it was broken until after the movie cause i didnt cry or anything :0a turned out that the head of my radius fractured on one end and collapsed on the other but the doctor isnt plannin on giving me a cast, he thinks its gonna be a pretty quick heal (as quick as these things heal at least) so THERES THAT. Im just gonna b goin a little stir crazy on the creative front i think u-u(\
  16. WELCOME TO THE FORUMS! your drawings are FAB I can't wait to see more!! *v* especially of your linework DANG!!!
  17. CONGRATS ON THE FEATURE!!!! You definitely deserve it!! *v* and what a cutie willow ;w;!
  18. when its thanksgiving i identify with wolfgang everyone else has usually fallen asleep, vomited, or died after thanksgiving dinner and im like LET's BREAK OUT THE PIE, HELLa
  19. a wolfgang! *v* for one of my buddies on tumblr
  20. thanks klei. thANKS FOR NOTHINg. here i was trying to save money anD U THREW ME 4 A LOOP. smfh there he is the tru king of ds
  21. FOR SOME REASON I HAVEN't EXPLORED YOUR THREAD UNTIL NOW??? ?? I love all your doodles and art and SUCH *v* it's all wonderful!!! and your comics are GREAT I'M LAUGHING SO HARD at the one where wilson took down maxwell's statue omg, wilson is such a loser with no eye for art :')