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  1. they probably just don't know then :0a someone should tell ... them ...
  2. I'm not sure about other people, but I print a lot of my posters at home. I don't have a big printer like miss was showing, but I have a special one that can print my 11x17 prints... so I guess as long as they're selling it on their storenvy/at cons and not using any third parties :|a it's fine... same for my buttons :0a i make them at home
  3. What kind of lady goes around stealing gems anyway?

    1. Mimmiroo


      Eggman's daughter...maybe?

  4. thanks *V* trying the different pose and the colors was p FUN and ah, yay ;w; i'm glad you like it so much to put it in your journal hahaha
  5. aw yeah WILSON GET IT FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT... ...but ouchies one of those talons looked PARTICULARLY EMBEDDED inside of his body D: !!
  6. SO since I'm a disgrace to mankind, I only recently realized that I have failed to produce fanart of one of our lovely comic artists' winged wilson i have mended my error with the below enJOy YO @Miss
  7. a zombie au for don't starve omg... as if the game was survivable on its own!!
  8. THESE ARE SO LOVELY!!! THEY'RE EACH A PIECE OF ART ... I almost wouldn't want to eat them .... almost *v*
  9. Perhaps... *v* I'm thinking of turning it into a mini comic to signify my return to that Wendy rp account... . .. since I kind of ditched it when i started dstarot and when school got rough. hahaha! we will see what happens next... and omg ur right... maybe i should've put it under a cut... whoop..s....
  10. I love all of your gorey/spooky/skeletal stuff... it's so RAD!!! *v*
  11. Hey, btw, what drawing programs do you use for all your art on here? SAI? Photoshop? Do you have like... any brush settings you really like?? *o* I love some of the textures in your coloring...
  12. YEAH! It'll be good *v* you should defs post some of your other old stuff from you ask blog and stuff, UNLESS U WANNA START FRESH. BUT! YEAH!! GOOD LUCK! I BELIEVE IN YOU. i will protect u if i am able ahahahahaha
  13. FinaLLY. WELCOME TO THE TERROR---THE FORUMS!! *v* it'll be good to see a concentrated place for all your ds art hehe
  14. thANK YOU hehe I really just like glowy things and their effects on their surroundings it's always so fun to color *o* oh you kno, just the general chatting and posting of fanart and thiNGS
  15. OH NO... HE'S ADORABLE ;A; oh my god.. .. ./);w;(\ widdle tiny wilson
  16. made another fst because apparently that's a thing I do a lot!! anywho it's called Handfuls of Fool's Gold and it's basically a musical interpretation of the rise and the fall of our beloved and awful demon magician dude. demonmaxwell an rper on tumblr sent me a link to this musical (chess in concert) and basically my life is changed forever because A++++ music holy damn but yeah listen to it here and download it here
  17. Not this time heheh, the poor little lady uvu I've been thinking up a little baby comic idea for quite a while now... head canons and SUCH SO HOPEFULLY i actually go through with it hehe Hey thanks!! I'm glad you think so, heheheh *v*
  18. YEAH! COngrats on the feature!! IT WAS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME!!! *v*
  19. yeah idk that green/yellow is rough... maybe making your light source a green would give you an excuse to bring it in more?? idk i was messing around with their palette maker maybe something like so: there's really a lot of options though! it'll be neat to see how it turns out hahahah flats are only a sneak peak