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  1. i had some spare time heHEHE SO here's a I WENT TOO FAR WITH HALF OF YOUR REQUEST BECAUSE AHHH sister feels
  2. HEHEHE MAYBE IF I HAVE LEFTOVER PRINTS I'll mail some out to people on the forums :')
  3. here's a big print i'll be selling at a convention in texas uvu wanted to go for some sweet art nouveau holla prolly should go in and add woody and lucy bBUUuuutt that requires effort and likely will not happen ahahaha
  4. wah thank you ;w; YEAH THE MADNESS BEGAN ON MY TUMBLR hahahah!! I figured I'd try and stay true to the game in the no talking respect heheHEHEHTHANK YOU BUNCHES!! I think i'll be sticking around to post more >u<
  5. quietly goes to every frickin thread and whispers sweet nothings at artists that i've seen on tumblr ah yes this is the life i lead IN THE MEANTIME IF U LIKE THE SHAMELESS YAOIS you should check out my blog on tumblr because i post a lot of boys kissing and girls kissing since that's too pg13 for u younguns on the forums themselves but yeah the homo is in there as well as the kissing uvu thank for u r time
  6. oh man i dig your style for real AND i LOVE YOUR LITTLE MINI COMICS HOLY CRAP THEY'RE HILARIOUS
  7. OH NO. YOUR ART IS FANTASTIC OH GOSH. Your style ahhh it's just really great... i especially love all of your woodie fanart omg precious /)w(\p sure i've seen your stuff floating around on tumblr!! SO EXCITED TO FIND THE COLLECTION HEHE!!!
  8. oh golly your little paper craft style is the most precious thing i have ever seen how exciting oMG... *o*so amazing ahhhh AND YET... I'VE SEEMINGLY MISSED YOUR TUMBLR ENTIRELY quietly follows
  9. hehehe I DUNNO ABOUT GENIUS BUT THANK YOU omfg hahahTHE SAME RIGHT BACK AT YOU and your adorable little ghostie wolf creature *v*
  10. AHAHAH!! THANKS A LOT OMG!!! nvn(\ I APPRECIATE THE ENTHUSIASM heheheheehehe u///u
  11. turning this bad boy into a button to sell at conventions! uvu I was gonna sell them for 3$ since they're p big buttons (like 2.5") message me if you want one and can paypal me i'd love to mail some out *v*
  12. also since im a loser here's some wip pics of my wilson cosplay that I'll be wearing to San Japan /)uvu( my womanly curves wont stop me from cosplaying this precious man NOTE I SAY WIP AKA WORK IN PROGRESS i know ive got a lot of wig and prop and vest to work on K THANKs hahahaha!!
  13. I'm not taking requests at the MOMENT but as soon as I'm done with my other projects for conventions and my store and THE LIKE you are first in line nvn/) hehe
  14. a windy wendy for ur viewing pleasure
  15. oh god your comics are all flippin adorable AND YOUR STYLE HAS IMPROVED CONSIDERABLY SINCE YOU BEGAN AND OMFG SO EXCITING AND AWESOME casually bookmarks this thread 8))i wish i had joined these forums sooner omfg orz
  16. yaaaaaa I've been following your DS art on tumblr for a while BUT IT'S ALL COMPILED HERE PRAISE YEVon. I love your style and your sequencing in your comics and AHH it's just good stuff i love it wowee /)(\;; CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MORE!!
  18. SHe'S IN THERE!!! 8)stuck in the side of woodie's cello (though i figure she doesn't "speak" much around other players FOR THE SAKE OF SANITY hahahaha i can only imagine how the points would drop as an axe started playing a squealing violin)
  19. hehehe THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I figured they needed a little ragtag band what with all of their "voices" being musical instruments in the game IT WAS ONLY FAIR uvu(\
  20. MOVING STUFF DOWN ONE hahaha i have incredible foresight pages 1-3!!i made a thing SO I DECIDED TO SHOW IT HERE HAHA and since i'm a real life anime it's read right to left sorry not sorry... it's p long so i guess i'll do a couple posts of it
  21. WOO im fixing this into my fanart tag ahahahahahere we aretumblr: deerlet.tumblr.comdeviantart: