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    I say the hunger meter is so we are floating 

    great timing


    witchcraft, extreme hunger, time, and luck were all IMPORTANT factors in the capturing of this image ;DD


    Who's the guy between Wendy and Willow ?


    it's another wilson cosplayer I met at the con! The Willow, Wendy, and Wilson were all one cosplay group that I LUCKILY got to join in on for a lil bit ;w;

  2. Haha, on the giant tower of characters, I love how Wilson is the only one that doesn't have a connected footing--last minute decision to make them all? And is Wolfgang wearing the same shoes as Wendy? Did Wolfgang jack Abigail's shoes...?


    Maxwell kind of reminds me of Giovanni from Team Rocket.


    Apparently the reference is lost upon you. The giant tower of characters is actually something of a meme on the artist community. It's from a very popular ending to an anime called Durarara!! 



    or if you want to see the original image


    but yeah uh, it's a lot of characters and a fricking massive image to draw so forgive any details that appear to be similar or inaccurate



    Really great work!




    Was this sort of inspired by that scene from Metropolis ? 


    Ah, I can't say it was, seeing as I haven't seen metropolis *o* (well i haven't seen the ORIGINAL metropolis. the tezuka version i have seen)

  3. Well I did burn my first Deerclops to death, that was pretty fun >:3 Uh there are no blood textures, I drew all that by hand :grin: But the red/purple'ish background behind Wilson on frame 2 consists of a fuzzy brush.


    nO YEAH. I MEAN, I like the texture that you achieved with the blood uvu;;; yes


    and yo that's crazy! i haven't actually encountered a deerclops in game yet... I'VE HEARD IT COMING BEFORE but then it's just like nah, i ain't attackin i'm just playin. smfh unreal.

  4. Wilson and his magnificent shadow cape.


    well, is been a while

    are u excited the reign of giants?


    I'M SUPER EXCITED and slightly afraid ahahaha. As if playing this game wasn't challenging enough they're going out there and probably making more monsters and plagues for us to figure out how to overcome!!!!


    Deerlet please tell me where you ordered that cape fabric because I want magic-demon-fabric-thingy too : D


    As do I u-u alas, this universe has not allowed us to create such morphy morphy spoopy black magic capes yet. Truly the tragedy of the millenia.

  5. Wait what about the people who are already doing this? Do they have licensing?


    I'm not sure about other people, but I print a lot of my posters at home. I don't have a big printer like miss was showing, but I have a special one that can print my 11x17 prints... so I guess as long as they're selling it on their storenvy/at cons and not using any third parties :|a it's fine...


    same for my buttons :0a i make them at home