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  1. deerlet

    Deer's DS fanart

    witchcraft, extreme hunger, time, and luck were all IMPORTANT factors in the capturing of this image ;DD it's another wilson cosplayer I met at the con! The Willow, Wendy, and Wilson were all one cosplay group that I LUCKILY got to join in on for a lil bit ;w;
  2. deerlet

    Deer's DS fanart

    look at my hot face AND New FRIEnds @ AKon, TX 2014
  3. deerlet

    Deer's DS fanart

    sometimes you just hAVE to take a break from final projects and get some fun stuff outta ur system!!! also this image is a metaphor for me and my final projects the inevitable death it's here ANYWAY yeah wilson PROTECTING HIS BELOVED HAIRDO!!!
  4. deerlet

    Messin' With Fan Art

    Wigfrid and Wilson as LARPers/RPers is simultaneously the mosT HILARIOUS and most awESOME thing I've ever heard of!! Gosh! So glad you posted some new work *v* it's always great getting to see what you're working on!!!
  5. deerlet

    Deer's DS fanart

    Apparently the reference is lost upon you. The giant tower of characters is actually something of a meme on the artist community. It's from a very popular ending to an anime called Durarara!! or if you want to see the original image but yeah uh, it's a lot of characters and a fricking massive image to draw so forgive any details that appear to be similar or inaccurate THANKs Ah, I can't say it was, seeing as I haven't seen metropolis *o* (well i haven't seen the ORIGINAL metropolis. the tezuka version i have seen)
  6. deerlet

    Generating Art Thread...

    wow your style iS FANTASTIC!! I love it. Can't wait to see more *^*
  7. deerlet

    Deer's DS fanart

    did a bunch of asks on tumblr so have a bundle of ds doodles there's some more stuff on my blog that isn't FOR U BABY KIDDOS but hey i won't stop u if u wanna check it out
  8. deerlet

    Deer's DS fanart

    @Miss showed me a very important fact about her comic
  9. deerlet

    Deer's DS fanart

    and since i care about u guys out there who dont like watching rly short videos here u go: the greatest crossover that this fandom ever needed hell yeah
  10. deerlet

    Deer's DS fanart

    im not saying that i'm perfect... but i'm pretty much totally perfect you guys...
  11. the great emerald's power allows me to feel

  12. deerlet

    Deer's DS fanart

    that weird @Miss kid was having a film poster design contest oR SOMETHING ABSURD LIKE THAT 8)) hehe SO OF COURSe I had to chip in to the fUN! anywho, check out my super dramatic fun times poster
  13. deerlet

    FullmetalDevil Don't Starve art :)

    She's so beautiful and spooky!! i love it

  15. deerlet

    Deer's DS fanart

    AW YEAH!! You definitely should *V* a theater major or sOMETHING... she would be super cute
  16. deerlet

    Deer's DS fanart

    when will i play the dlc?? I dont know... BUT I DO KNO THAT THIS TINY GODDESS IS P MUCH THE CUtest
  17. deerlet

    A Clever, Snappy Art Thread Title

    tHE EFFORT SHOWS *v* congrats on being done ahahaha!!

  19. deerlet

    Blood Eagles Comic + Art

    nO YEAH. I MEAN, I like the texture that you achieved with the blood uvu;;; yes and yo that's crazy! i haven't actually encountered a deerclops in game yet... I'VE HEARD IT COMING BEFORE but then it's just like nah, i ain't attackin i'm just playin. smfh unreal.
  20. deerlet

    Blood Eagles Comic + Art

    If only we had the power, in game, to totally shred the deerclops. WHAT A FEAT THAT WOULD BE. I'M DIGGING THE BLOOD TEXTURES *v*
  21. deerlet

    Deer's DS fanart

    I'M SUPER EXCITED and slightly afraid ahahaha. As if playing this game wasn't challenging enough they're going out there and probably making more monsters and plagues for us to figure out how to overcome!!!! As do I u-u alas, this universe has not allowed us to create such morphy morphy spoopy black magic capes yet. Truly the tragedy of the millenia.
  22. deerlet

    Deer's DS fanart

    it'S BEEN A WHILE!! ive been hella busy with gross uni stuff BUT SOMETIMES u just gotta set aside some time for some doodlin u kno what i'm saying? I KNOW WHAT Im sayin anyWHO have a puppet master shadowy amulet wearing scientist
  23. I shot them a message ^^ they're gonna take it down and start producing it themselves through storenvy