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  1. Oh man.. I love so much the Don't Starve Team! I'm a really, really really fan of you all xD Not only because the game, but for all the work, all the willpower and the concern with the players to make a good job! You guys, make every minute playing worth it for your talent and commitment, and this is the real reason to make games, not only for the money or the fame, but the pleasure of this ^^ Please, keep up the good work, and oh, I would love to make part of those who will have the chance of experiment the Beta =D Well, I'm brazilian.. So sorry for any typing error or something annoying.. All I said is true and for the heart, of a big fan waiting for something spectacular on this DLC xD I know you will not disappoint us, and... uh, don't starve! (I'm really sorry if I write something wrong T.T)
  2. Hey man, delete the other version pages and update this like Mr. Tiddles said xD I will give a chance and try your mod, it seems very cool =D
  3. I wanna try to use this on Nightmares update, so make for us please?
  4. Try the forum =D Make your question there and we will be able to solve your problem ^^ It's much more usefull than you think xD Maybe someone already has your answer
  5. Try this
  6. This is my favorite mod and character too xD Can't wait for more updates =D You're awesome!!! ^^