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  1. Craftable Gramaphone

    Version V 0.1


    Now you can craft you own Gramaphone under Structure tab. Ingredients:Gold Nugget-3 , Gears-5 and one Beefalo horn. You will need Alchemy engine to craft it. Let your feedback in the comments.
  2. Chester Choice

    You have to fill all the chester slots with those items when it is full moon and he will transform
  3. Craftable Gramaphone

    I located it in Data\sound\gramophone.fsb but I can't say I know how to edit\change it.
  4. Craftable Gramaphone

    How come gears are hard to get?I have 200+ and all are legit,In caves there is full of Clockwork rooks,bishops and knights and they all drop 2 gears.But if you really think it is hard to get those gears please change the recipe,go in modmain.lua and replace gears with something else
  5. Craftable Statues

    Well I use RPG HUD,Infinite clothes and the other mods are created by me,including the custom character but I didn't post them. Oh yea I use Waldo with eyebone too
  6. Craftable Statues

    Version V 0.1


    This mod allows you to craft 4 statues: Ancient statue mage: 2 Thulecite , 2 Nightmare fuel and 1 green gem Ancient statue head: 2 Thulecite , 2 Nightmare fuel and 1 yellow gem Harp statue: 2 marble and 1 Nightmare fuel Maxwell statue: 2 marble and 2 Nightmare fuel You will need Shadow Manipulator to craft those. Please leave any suggestions in the comments. (It seems in the crafting tab there is no image of the statues,any idea how I can put one?)
  7. Craftable Gramaphone

    Thank you
  8. Craftable Gramaphone

    Yes it does,you can turn it on and off
  9. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    The mod has broke again with the new update :'(, Klei will kill you with so frequent updates..
  10. Chester the Enlightened

    Can you turn off the collision?It really is annoying when chester gets stuck in the walls
  11. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    Thank you very much for the update
  12. Perpetual Mod - 0.0.1

    Awesome idea
  13. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    He already said he will come home on sunday and he will work on the mod,just wait and maybe on monday you will have it.If you don't want to wait,don't update or fix the mod yourselfs
  14. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    Can I help you with something?I can't wait to play with your mod
  15. Faster Followers

    Awesome,I am really grateful,for a long time I tried to do this,thanks for your update.
  16. Faster Followers

    Hey,I love your mod,it is really usefull but I have a question,can I modify the HP too? I wanna make my smallbird invincible can I add "inst.components.health.invincible = true" in your mode or elsewhere?
  17. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    Hi,I really like your mod,everything works great but I have a problem,when I exit the game it doesn't exit nice,I mean it says "Don't Starve Stopped working" it doesn't affect my save files,it doesn't crash randomly in game,only when I exit.Can this be fixed?
  18. Frozen Smallbirds - Freeze your teenbird's aging!

    How do I modify smallbird movement speed?I changed: inst:AddComponent("locomotor") -- locomotor must be constructed before the stategraph inst.components.locomotor.walkspeed = (to a much bigger value,even 50 and nothing has changed) can you help me please?
  19. Equivalent Exchange

    nice, Fullmetal Alchemist?