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  1. I have the 5th too but i use my keyboards hotkeys for all of that so it wasnt too useful :grin: how long did u use 3? it seems to me the surface changes over time, well 5 is still far more than 100 ^^


    Haha, yeah, there's definitely a price difference.


    I didn't use the 3 much - it belonged to my then-girlfriend, so I only used it now and then, when I went to her place. It's possible it was just well-worn, and we broke up, like, a year and a half ago, so it has been a while since I used the 3.

    I think you can get textural overlays for any tablet model, if surface texture is an issue...


    Anyway, money is an issue, so, go with what you can afford. There are non-Wacom brand tablets with very good reviews for a fraction of the price.

    I recall one recently that had just as good pressure sensitivity as the Intuos5, and a lot of praise!

    Don't feel like you MUST buy Wacom brand! Others out there are very good, and much more affordable. Just read the reviews and such. =)

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  2. I actually have an Intuos 5, and I adore it. Surface never felt too glossy, at all.


    I've used the 3, 4, and 5, and I wasn't particularly impressed with the 3.

    I believe 4 and 5 have finer pressure sensitivity, or something. But the advantage of the Intuos comes from the buttons and touch-ring. It's a really great workflow-improving tool. Definitely speeds things up, once you figure out how you want it to work. For example, I personally have one of the pen buttons set to work as the hand tool, so I can pan the canvas, and have a number of hotkeys for various tools I use set to the side buttons, can quickly and easily slide my brush size with the touch-ring...


    It is quite a bit more expensive than the lower-end tablets, like Bamboo, but it is definitely worth the investment for a serious digital artist.

  3. New beanlet animations -



    I did go a bit overboard, and edited a couple of the other anims so they moved smoother.  I hope I don't offend you, Dana :/


    I haven't really been looking at the anims and stuff... but since it's something I started, I figured I should take a look...


    The only anim I actually did was the idle, which... now looks really awful. I don't know who did the other anims you edited, and it may have been them who extended the timing on the idle... but on my machine, it simply looks dreadful at the slower speed!

    ACTUALLY - I just checked something, and the biggest problem is that it's using spline curves now - since I animated it before we had the ability to do that, it was designed to work nicely with linear curves only. (Normally splines would make your animation smoother, but since I had manually counteracted that in linear, spline curves sort of do the reverse for that instance.)

    Change the curves back to linear, and it will fix the worst of the issues, but the 1.5 second loop looks too slow to me, so I suggest bringing it back to 1 second, as I had it.


    There are a lot of problems with the Beanlet anims as they stand, but... I don't think we have any other trained animators, here, so... they'll at least do for placeholders in the mean-time.


    But yeah, the only anim I finished was the idle, and the alterations made to that - whoever did them - need to be fixed for it to play back nice and smoothly. The other stuff wasn't me. =)


    Hoo boy, now I remember why I was avoiding this. I'm rather tired out.

    I hope my docs get a handle on this soon.

  4. Well if I could find those options that would be great :grin: could you do the sequence to frames thing if we send you our animations? I understood you dont want to start projects due to your illness atm but I just cant find any advanced learning material for spriter :/



    It's not hard to find, but it's not very obviously named.

    I actually still have the prerelease beta 6 version (wow, I'm out of date. It's at 8 now??) so the name may have changed, but you should be able to tell what you're looking for.

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  5. With regards to questions about animating the Manta:


    (Not sure who to quote, here, since a bunch of you were talking about it. ^^; )

    The way I've theorised to be best for animating snakey things like that in Spriter fluently, is to take advantage of the "skin" mode, where instead of solid images being parented to the bones, the bones can be used to drive deformation.

    I have no doubts that the engine does not support skinned textures, but the skin animation can be exported from Spriter as an image sequence, and brought back in - we can then switch the image out, much like we would with, for example, a facial expression, and animate it in a flipbook of switching symbols, like a more traditional frame-by-frame animation.

    Of course, the simple rotate/translate/scale animation can be done as normal, and should be combined with the flipbook-type-stuff for efficiency.

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    You can do it fatter than the pighouses, that will just cost some more animation work :razz: (not much if you use the Spriter project, though).

    Spriter is a fairly new piece of software, funded by Kickstarter and still in beta, so you're right, there isn't nearly as much info on it as there is on more well established software. Our very own @TheDanaAddams did make a tutorial on it, though:



    I really do need to do a more updated tutorial. Spriter has come a long way, and I've learned much more about it. There are features that have vastly improved in the newer version.

    It'll be one of the first things I do, when I'm properly up-and-ready.


    It's steady-going, at the moment. They've narrowed down the actual condition, not just what they thought it was, and they want to do more tests to figure out exactly what type I have. Unfortunately, they don't really know much about the disease in general, and all that can be done is symptom management... but with some luck, a few more months, and I'll have managed to get myself up to that baseline where I can work properly - just at a bit of a reduced capacity, to try and stay at that level. ^^;

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  7. And until you get too close, adorable!


    New picture with them when they'er not aggressive.

    I think I'll make them happy instead of sad.

    AI: They'll stay in place jumping with joy or just standing still, until anything gets too close, and then the entire group of them will go hostile.colourfulbears_zpsf3d0efa5.png


    I think they should be glossier-looking.

    And semi-transparent.


    Otherwise, LOVE THEM! <3

  8. In regards to every member having the DLC... I think we may need to enlist a tester who does not have the DLC - reason being, apparently some mods will work fine on a game that has no DLC, and will crash on someone who has the DLC, whether it's enabled or not.

    I fear this could go both ways, so... it may be an idea to check. Just to be safe.

    But there's no way to uninstall the DLC for that purpose, so... we'd need someone who doesn't yet have RoG.


    Carry on, Sergeant Major!

  9. Few things...

    You're lacking ease in/ease out. Relying purely on the tweens to make the animation for you, making everything evenly spaced.

    You need to have things more like this:

    Otherwise, it all looks mechanical and wrong.


    You're also lacking nice animation arcs - again, this is because you're relying on the tween to do everything between your start and end points.


    Furthermore, everything is happening at the exact same time - good animation needs things to overlap. The arm should reach the peak of its swing at a different frame to the body reaching the peak of its movement.


    And finally... uh... you're using Flash.

    You need to use the software Spriter to make animations for Don't Starve.

  10. Ok so.. I'm just learning to mod, so forgive me if this is a dumb question, but can I change the look of the turf?


    I assumed this was what Tiled was for, but I haven't played with it yet, and after reading the description, I started to wonder.


    I see in the Up and Away mod that they are making different turfs, so I'm assuming this has to be possible. I don't need a detailed lesson because I'm still learning much more basic things, but can someone just point me in a really general direction for later when I might want to try this?


    Also, if that's not what Tiled is for, what exactly is a "layout"? I just didn't quite understand.

    Tiled is to set up layouts of stuff to spawn in-game. Like you could use Tiled to make the game stick carpeted areas loaded with gold in the forest.

    I've only really touched on the very basics of Tiled, so I don't know how to make it work really well... but there is an example mod for a Tiled layout that you can look at.


    As for custom turfs, I believe we were having some serious difficulty with that in U&A - if I recall, the addition of altered turf (which I believe was simply retextured from existing files, but I have no idea how it was loaded in - I think that part required some know-how.) caused some serious issues with the framerate, and the game getting unplayably slow.

    I think the bugs thread was in the public U&A forum, so, you might be able to see how it was achieved, and what problems occurred in there.

  11. Is there any way you could help me understand how to create the ZIP files required for every mod in the ANIM folder. I've looked all over the forums and asked around and I have yet to be able to figure it out, please im going crazy over here its been 3 days of headache

    ... You can't have looked very hard...

    Try the tutorials section. I'd suggest Artist's Guide to Character & Item modding. I wrote it for total beginners.


    Basically, though, you have two options - animating from scratch in Spriter and converting with the Steam Mod Tools, or using one of the Tex Tools to convert an existing asset to png, using that texture sheet as a base for your own new art, and then converting the new art back to tex, sticking it in the duplicated base zip, and altering the build name.

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  12. (Typing on phone from work)

    Sorry, I meant be able to use the hat override symbol. >.>

    And I understand that animatimg is a lot of work. Mever thought it eould ne easy.

    Yeah, that's the problem - I'm not sure it'll be possible to make it compatible with the hat override symbol.


    We'd probably need someone like Cheerio to answer that.



    Oh, I wasn't trying to imply that you made it sound too easy - just broke it down for a less experienced animator, in case someone wants to give it a shot.

    'Fraid I can't do it myself - even if I could work, I'd be too busy with other stuff. =(

  13. So, those who follow William 2 will know about how he turns into Were-Will at the full moon, right?

    Well, I would love for him to have a custom build, complete with animations, to make him look even more beastly-y!

    However, I myself can't animate for s***, and so I ask some kind soul with enough free time to make them for me!



    Stand on two legs when idle, can have one claw on the ground like Maxwell in chapter 5 of adventure (In fact, I would like that)

    Run on two legs, with a slight limp, and his head down.

    Attack: Crouching, swiping both his hands upwards to do a double-attack.

    Eat: Just smash the food into his mouth, kind of like the Werebeaver.

    Die: Just plop forwards, like the other beast-men models.

    Hurt: Just a small flinch. 

    Howl/roar: Like the werepig.



    Must be able to have hats on. 'Sall.

    Look like the rough image below. I will let the animator draw the rough shape (with my guidance), and then I can colour it and such.


    If anyone can do this, they'll get a very special version of the mod with a limited edition alternate outfit of their choice!

    And my appreciation!

    If it isn't possible, I understand.


    I'm sorry to say that I don't think your one "requirement" can be met...

    The hats are set up to fit the players, and swap out an invisible symbol for the chosen hat texture...

    Besides having to re-do the art for every hat, and make a new beast-William build for each possible hat... then adding post-inits to every hat to alter the onequip to check if you are beast-William, and if so, swap to the appropriate build-with-hat...


    I don't know, maybe one of the more code-minded will have a workable solution, but I don't think it is really possible.



    Here's a breakdown of what the required animations would entail:

    Idle: One animation, 1-2 seconds. (Though it would look better with three, one would be passable.)

    Run: Three animations, ~1 second each.

    Attack: Three animations, ~1 second each.

    Eat: One animation, ~half a second.

    Die: One animation, ~1-3 seconds.

    Hurt: Three animations, ~half a second. (Maybe a bit more.)

    Howl/Roar: One animation, ~2-4 seconds.


    Quite a bit of work. Just as a heads-up.

  14. This isn't about ruffling feathers so much as it is about solidarity and pride in being part of a community that many people would seek to beat down and silence. The only feathers that should be ruffled are the feathers of people are themselves bigoted. Anyone else would understand that this is a positive coming together of people who wish to support each other and create things that speak to them on a personal level, thing which are often ignored or not addressed or stamped out unless people like us go out of their way to create them.


    I'd agree with seronis -- examine why this bothers you, because it really shouldn't.

    This exactly.

    I couldn't put it any better.


    The only feathers that will be ruffled are the ones that need ruffling.

    If a marginalised group coming together to make their presence known bothers you, you need to take a step back and ask yourself why.


    This is one of my favourite speeches to show people:

    Make sure you watch until the end.

  15. Wow, this thread got suddenly quiet. Was it something I said? :-/ Anyway, I thought you all might be interested in this considering the topic here.


    Oh, geez... another one?

    See, this is what I was talking about. One law sets precedent for more.

    Kansas did the exact same thing.


    It's despicable. I cannot stand when people justify their own hatred on grounds of "religious beliefs" or "child safety" or whatever other scapegoat they want to hide behind, instead of saying that they find it "icky" and don't want to get cooties.



    It'd be really cool if someone did a mod adding a small chance to make a beefalo asexual, making them always neutral, even in heat. That doesn't mean they can't be heteroromantic (or panromantic, since they're practically a one-gender species), so there could a chance to have a portion of the asexual beefalo breed.

    Being in heat is a physical & hormonal thing - the aggressive reaction would still occur in an asexual beefalo.

    There's no distinction between male and female beefalo - I think they may be either hermaphrodites, or actually reproduce asexually. (It would explain why the whole species is identical. =P)

  16. I really want to do my own art pack for this, so badly...

    I took a few minutes for some seriously rough bust sketches - just some rough-as-hell first-draft concepts for how I would approach the Barbarians.


    Thought people might find it interesting, or something. ^^;




    Edit: To clarify, these are REALLY rough.
    Pencil-on-paper, no reference, no eraser, decisions-on-the-fly speed-sketches.

    They don't represent the final designs I would go with - I just did some simple base-work that wasn't too tiring, and thought people might like to see. ^^;

  17. Someone else can do that if they wish when the mod is out. I, however, know no french at all, Google Translator has failed to give me any accurate translations from just Russian to English. Also, If I did a French version, I would be bombarded with "Make this language, and this one". So no, I will not be doing a French version.

    What I've been planning to do when I've finished Link's speech files, is release a Translation Patch mod template for him.

    Then all someone has to do is download that, translate the text, and upload their translation patch, ready to go.


    In theory, it should be very simple. (Outside of the lengthy task of translating, but that's for the translator to worry about.)