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  1. I've installed the mod "successfully" (it didn't crash, didn't say it was out of date, and enabled), however, when I go to select a character, Link isn't an option. Thoughts?


    Please advise.

    I'm not sure what the issue is, there...

    Perhaps try the Steam Workshop version, and see if that works. I've heard of people having mod characters not loading for some reason... but I don't know why it happens...



    hi there i saw this mode from one of amateur bj and it was so cool 


    but when i use this mode just awhile ago 


    i got some error when i got the things in the map 


    if u can plz fix the error tnx

    If you're saying that your game crashed while you were collecting the "Thing" objects, the actual issue is that the fairy would cause a crash if it collided with a wall.

    This is fixed in the next update - the fixed code to update it yourself is provided in the newest page of the Mod Thread, and it is also included as part of the Steam Workshop version.



    hey dana can u help me the mod isnt working at all 4 me im folowing all the steps down to the nitty gritty and its not working please help

    Well, I don't know what your problem is... you haven't really given me anything to go on...

    All I can suggest is to try to Steam Workshop version. If that doesn't work, I'll need more details.

  2. Does she have a special skill?

    Lower sanity drain from monsters and darkness, a slightly higher walk speed, and comes with a cute hat.


    But also deals less damage, has lower health, gets hungrier faster, has a run speed identical to walk speed, and has lower max sanity.

  3. I just downloaded it, and inside the file was a link to download the real file, so I did. But when I downloaded it, it was your Link character.... soooo, where's Dana?

    I took the text file I used on my Link mod, and replaced the download link... but it seems it kept the hyperlink to Link's file.

    Copying the web address listed will give you the right download - clicking the link won't.


    Thanks for letting me know - I have fixed the file, for future downloads.

  4. Out of date.

    I assure you, it is most definitely up to date! Some people have reported seeing a "this mod is out of date" message, but it shouldn't be appearing if you have the latest version of the mod and game.

    It should work perfectly fine.


    @TheDanaAddams Hands down the best custom character. Amazing artwork. Just love it ! :grin:

    Oh, gosh! Thank you! High praise from someone like yourself! RPG HUD is fantastic!

    I saw you were on vacation, but if you ever have time, and don't mind my asking, I'd love to run my "Hero HUD" by you - it's something I'd like to include in the mod - I know it will be very difficult, and RPG HUD compatibility will certainly be a worry... and right now all I have is a mockup and a bunch of ideas I've posted in the mod thread...

    Anyway, enough rambling from me! If you're willing to help with my ridiculously over-ambitious addition, drop me a message, when you've got time. =)

  5. so what do the items do? I know what the spells do, and the revealing thing, but how about the rest?

    You can find a more detailed description of each item in the first forum post.

    There's also fun stuff like a list of what I'm working on, and a list of things I need help with.

  6. I'm sorry about the download on this page - you've gotta do a little bit of messing with it, like I said.


    You need to download all 5 parts, and rename each one to remove the last ".zip" - leaving you with .zip.001 - .zip.005.

    It should unzip just fine after that. Alternatively, use the mediafire link in the mod's thread. (Much simpler.)


    The link BrunoCesarNF posted is the most recent download at this time, and taken directly from the thread. =)

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