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  1. Our Story is everybody in the roleplay has died. But in the AfterLife (Purgatory) We can still die. If we live for 7 years we go to heaven if we die before then we go to hell. And the whole while a lurking evil is controlling the world.
  2. I'm his friend. He told me it is about how evil the Don't Starve world is.
  3. I am back... Again! I leave alot. Well, here's my new RolePlay! Name: Age: Gender: Race: Here's Mine! Name: Pinto Age: 13 Gender: Male Race: Zora Please Join! And sorry I wasn't here for my last one, I had school:P Here's our story: Everyone in this roleplay has died. It takes place in the Don't Starve world (Afterlife/Purgatory/Limbo). If you survive the cruel world for 7 years you go to Heaven. If you die before then you burn in Hell for eternity. You can still die in the afterlife because it chooses where you end up. Roleplayers: @Mr.Beef as Pinto @Blewcheese as Barry.
  4. Hey! I'm back! I hope nobody forgot about the BeefBoy! Here is my new roleplay. You must fill this in to join. Name: Gender: Age: Race: How you look(Or Picture): Here's Mine! Name: Pinto Gender: Male Age: 13 Race: Zora Picture:
  5. That cactus is so well-drawn. I got a thorn in my eye from looking at it. :-)I'm not sure if you still do requests, but can you draw a Merm and a Beefalo that are dancing together?
  6. Yeah, maybe It won't be my Avatar. I'll stay as Mr.Beef
  7. Can you make Wilborg, but better? Because I may use him as my avatar.
  8. Now to make my comics that I have been making for years.. But Don't Starvified
  9. My Cyborg Wilson is almost done! I think it is one of my best.