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  1. Of course! Here's the strings.po (attached) We have a small group in steam workshop, so you can join us to discuss anything there ^__^ The file is up to date(Oil ugrade), so I'm looking for errors/spellchek before they add more strings to translate Welcome aboard! strings.po
  2. Hi! First time reporting here so...sorry if there's something I need to do/tell that I'm not I'm translating the game and came to this: and this Seems like it should be changed and @Ni42 pointed me here to give report Thanks!
  3. Ok, i'm not entirely sure about this but, I've found a string I don't quite understand: and beneath: As I say, maybe I don't get what you're trying to say but it's pretty confusing if it's not an error :S Thing is, I'm not in game to see when this shows up so, maybe it's working as intended ^__^U Anyone?
  4. Thanks, I've been struggling with this for a few day and can't get my head around it :S Let's wait until some update, then
  5. Hi guys! I'm done with the spanish translation, I've also made some spellcheck and some formatting issues, but there's something I can't fix: Some people are having problems when using the translation, as they find some strings in wrong places: As an example, the "ladder" description is where the "ladder" name should be (and the strings.po file is quite fine) and there's also some other wrong string placement in that image (essentially, descriptions over names) Anyone having the same issue? Is there anythig involved in this? This doesn't happen to me at all, so I've been thinking that maybe is a problem when you're using more than one translation... Any thoughts? :S Here's the translation file from steamworkshop: strings.po
  6. ¡Traducción al castellano completada con la actualización de agricultura disponible en Steam Workshop! Cualquier comentario, aqui estoy.
  7. En su momento lo fué, pero no lo he actualizado con las strings nuevas ^_^U Edit: La versión de @DamaNegra es más actual
  8. Tienes un enlace a la traducción que hice en este mismo hilo por si quieres echarle un ojo
  9. @DamaNegra Ok, I'll try to explain the process step by step as I did: First, download & install the app gettext Once done, go there and paste the string.po file. Then open cmd as an administrator(You can search for cmd at any windows search, then right click, run as administrator) Otherwise, cmd will deny any file writing. You can go back to the root directory (C:/) using cd.. When the prompt reach C:\ type cd Program Files (press enter), cd gettext-iconv (enter again) then cd bin (enter). Now you're in the gettext binaries folder, where msgcat and your strings.po files are. Now you can run the command msgcat strings.po > strings2.po --no-wrap You should see no change there, but the file strings2.po file is created. Go to C:\Program Files\gettext-iconv\bin and copy this to the mods folder. (Something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\OxygenNotIncluded_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods if you have a x64 processor) Get rid of the older strings.po file if needed, then rename strings2.po to strings.po. The other method involved (the one with MSWord) is pretty straightforward, but if you need any help with that, just let me know and i'll do another step-by-step guide Hope this helps to anyone having this issue!
  10. ¡Muy buenas paisano! Sólo tienes que poner el archivo "strings.po" que va dentro del .rar que he subido en la carpeta: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\OxygenNotIncluded_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods Y al ejecutar el juego verás los cambios. No he tenido mucho tiempo de revisarlo bien, asi que si encuentras alguna cosilla y me lo comentas, te lo agradeceré mucho
  11. Thats great! One thing tho, don't use PoEdit if youre going to make just a few changes, it's better to use something like Notepad++ to keep the format. If there's anything that you cannot see ingame, this two thigs helped me A LOT:
  12. 100% of the Spanish (Spain) translation done! There's still somethings that doesn't fit, others that I dont find very clever so, if anyone wants to try it to find any issue, will be much appreciated. I will update the file as soon as I get a better output NOTE: I've already make a few changes, unwrapped all the lines(THANK YOU GUYS! T-T ) and make new ones that fits better. I will continue working on some names but its pretty much done Oxygen not included - Spanish[SPAIN] translation.rar
  13. When I've reached the Exosuit explanation I've tempted to change it into... Sorry, I'm just 14% on it...
  14. I´m making that one too! We can share our works when done
  15. OK, I´m starting a spanish (Spain) translation. Don't own the game tho, so I will upload here for someone to try it for me!