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  1. Is there a way to access the updated .pot file? Looking good so far!
  2. Better Console

    Thanks for the info! I'll try it out.
  3. Better Console

    Nice mod! The only thing I would change is the font size. On my end at least, it's about twice as small as the original size. Rather hard to read on a small screen when you play windowed.
  4. I feel like this lady-assistent is most likely Charlie. We'll have to see how it works out though. About the picture, the 'shadow hand' is most likely Maxwell's own hand from the right Maxwell. He's got hands like that anyway Looking forward to the update! Thanks for solving the puzzle so quickly, guys!
  5. Real Honey Nuggets Recipe *video*

    This looks delicious! How would the dipping sauce taste without the mustard, still good? Never been a huge fan of mustard. Would love to try this out sometime
  6. Dutch Translation 100%



    Dutch translation/language pack - Nederlandse vertaling The .zip should be extracted to /mods Het .zip-bestand moet worden uitgepakt in de mods map in de installatiemap van Don't Starve. Vragen of opmerkingen? Ga naar het topic. Last update: 31 jul 2015 (update voor Reign of Giants)
  7. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    There was an issue with the translations of Don't Starve as of the most recent update. Old lines were still recorded in the .PO file even though one cannot find them in Poedit. We had to manually remove them via Notepad++. The old lines were still being used even though we had put in the newer translations as well. [MENTION=44092]simplex[/MENTION] helped out, thanks again!However we (I am speaking for all translators here, hopefully no one is against that) would love to prevent this from happening again, as it caused confusion to both the translators and the people using the translated files. As Simplex stated:
  8. Creating a translation using the PO Format

    Hmm, I can't help you out there as I still haven't received the Hunger update (Stand-alone version). Will try that what you mentioned right now :)Edit: The French version did not have that in place and adding those two lines did the trick. Thank you very much <3 I could however not find the word 'data' in the language.lua file, but that may be because I didn't receive the update yet or because we're on different platforms.
  9. Creating a translation using the PO Format

    I have a question. When I try to load the dutch.po file it somehow does not want to open in-game. It does work for the french.po file and it also worked before I updated the french.po file with the strings.pot. Any solutions? Did I accidentely mess up because I started with the french.po file as base? Would love to know.
  10. Me neither... Been waiting for the update yesterday and today, sadly enough it's still not there for me. Wish you could release it at steam and stand-alone at the same time