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  1. Quick announcement: Both this Account and this Thread is Dead! Heh, funny little rhyme. Oh, Whoops. Slip of the tongue, What I meant to say is that my work is now migrating on over to my new account, Letterman Five. So you might want to check that stuff out, and I promise, the stuff over there will be better, and probably better organized... Meh, don't count on the last part.
  2. My headcanon is that Willow would've done that action without any stakes. Makes this scene so much funnier when you picture it as an empty bet.
  3. A Small Preview for the Second Chapter of my Project. The guy on the right is Wortox, an unimplemented character that takes form of a Demon Dog (and apparently can't be found within the Volcano because of...reasons). This character seems to go largely under shadowed, and probably for the same reason as I mentioned before. But even with that argument in mind, many other characters were recognized before officially released, and canon or not, my interpretation of this guy is one of a ruthless, savage Hound Dog. Cue Elvis Presley. And he doesn't seem to like Wilson very much...wonder if I'll ever get around to exploring that
  4. What program did you use for that second image? The Pixel Art is too impressive to have been made in paint, but I don't know what other program people would use to substitute it!
  5. I wasn't really sure if I was going to finish this, so I'm posting it now before I decide that it never sees the light of day. May serve as inspiration for somebody, who knows. Basically, I've been getting back into "Tales from the Borderlands" as well as Don't Starve recently, and seeing how my hopes for Rhys and Fiona pairing together went little to no where, I'm going to translate that into the relationship between everybody's favorite Gentleman Scientist and Pyromaniac! Just imagine that this is the scene where Fiona is attempting to kick dirt into Rhys' mouth...except what you may not be able to tell between all of these confounded sketchy lines: Willow is attempting to set her good friend Wilson on fire, "Roy Mustang" Style. Seriously though, check out his fight scene against Envy: A wicked awesome concept for combustion. I won't provide too much context other than that for this scene at the moment, but don't worry: You'll get the chance to fully understand it in my fan-comic that will be released at some point in the future! Not the near future, but the future all-the-same!
  6. Step 1) Watch "Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood", although the original may work as well. Step 2) Envision Wolfgang as Alex Louis Armstrong. Step 3) ??? Step 4) Profit.
  7. Working on a bunch of new drawings at the moment, but sometimes the best way to get within the minds of the characters is by associating them with a voice. I'm almost done making a list of my own which I'll post soon, but that said, do any of you have particular voices in minds for the cast of Don't Starve? Feel free to leave your suggestions. And with all that said, I just wanted to comment on the fact that I can't remember the last type I've made a post with a calm sense of mind. Of course to recuperate for that, I now suffer of Insomnia and anxiety, but fortunately for you all, that is something more difficult to be conveyed within text.
  9. Plot twist: Draw Webber alongside with another character. I'm partial to Wilson, or COUGH Wendy COUGH.
  10. You know you need help when you've actually got to clutch your heart in reaction to seeing fanart of your favorite ship. Thankfully, that's not me, but your image drew me close. 10/10
  11. Some awesome art! I've been in a fierce shipping mood listening to Magic by Mystery Skulls, help me, and this is a ship I haven't seen before, let alone one I can totally see! In this set, I Especially loved the part where you colored your images. And I don't say that out of the simple admiration of me being unable to do the same...
  12. Warning, Wall of Text ahead. Venture if you dare. It's been a while since I've posted. Wow, what was that about trying for "an image a day? A week?" Whatever the case, something is better than nothing, and although I've been having good fun messing around with Photoshop5 and Krita, I've got to post something, even if I'm not all too happy with it. Besides, a bit of Willowson never killed anybody! Speaking of which, check out this amazing fanfiction by Erednay in case you haven't already: Also, I've been wanting to change this account's name to match my online ID, so I was wandering if there's a way to do that, and if not, I might just make a new account so that no one inevitably accuses me of stealing from myself. So, to recap, I would appreciate it if you guys have any pointers for a name change, making digital art, and writing stories. I'm having fun doing my own Don't Starve Comic, but I want to work on the script more before doing the art, so, any suggestions/requests for Plot, Character Interactions, and References, feel free to drop. I'm open to just about anything.
  13. Alright, got it figured out. This along with the song has taken up a good portion of my day, but was entirely worth it. At first, the intention was to do the base 11 characters in the core game, but as I continued, I felt as if something were missing. First and foremost, it just has to be said: The community for this game is awesome, and the effort the development team puts is just so astonishing, so I thought to include a few additional characters (all created by their respective owners, of course) which you see in the upper rows from left to right. On top, you see unimplemented characters by Klei, including Wortox, Wilbur, Waverly, and wallace in order from left to right, Right below that, there's Walter by Slutman/ Albert by Quoth143/ Chances are, you probably already know them if you're on the forms, also sorry if I didn't do Al much justice Weston by ThunderVolts/ Wisteria by NOVA/ Wilrick by MApleBox/ and Wren by Rayen/ Concluding statement: Stippling is beautiful, but is so. entirely. TEDIOUS.
  14. You know what they say, a picture a day makes your art look okay. And may I say, drawing and publishing every single day has really shown my dedication to improving my artistic ability, and to an extent, has made me a better person by improving my organizational skills. Wait, it's November now? It's been nearly a month since I've posted!? Darn. And on top of that, I forgot how to post images , so instead of having your regular pictures, have this cool theme song that imagine Willow would rock to, made by yours truly. Tell me what you think, and if you want this for other characters in the future: