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  1. Infinite Clothes

    I also met this problem, I think it is conflicted with some ROG items, the new dress in ROG are not infinite
  2. at last infinite tools is uptaded

    it seems like not compatible with the version before ROG
  3. Come to my pocket

    randomly crash in the cave, i try to make a screenshot next time
  4. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    Awesome!! THANK YOU!
  5. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    that's what i did, but still crash.
  6. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    they both compatible in "hunger", not in "nightmare". I have tried to fix it by setting the priority, but not work though
  7. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    how can i use both this mod and campres, each time I am resurrected and the game will crash