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  1. @Asparagus, sounds like a good mod, but I still don't think it would fit in vanilla Don't Starve.
  2. I'm not sure of how it is in Torchlight, but from what you're describing, I guess this was never implemented because it's too UI intensive.
  3. it's not that we "see it as cancer"(where do you get these expressions?), it's the fact that it doesn't fit in. Believe it or not, but there's a huge difference in the game telling you to do stuff and then yelling in your face "YEAH, YOU DID IT. YOU'RE AWESOME" and you figuring out these same things by yourself and saying to yourself "yep. Did this. I'm awesome.". Don't Starve is all about the second thing. Sense of achievment, not an achievment pop-up. and if you want an easier or harder experience all you need to do is play default a couple of times and then think "hmm, what's killing me/making it too much easier... those hounds kill me a lot, so I definitely want more/less of them" and so on. I do think that the world generation problem should be fixed, but even with that it's still simple. Well, I guess in order to have meaningful gameplay, we also need balancing... but Yeah.... Achievments! Hope you don't get fired...
  4. well, I never get insane due to Wendy's perks, so that's never a problem for me.
  5. that's a lot of mods... Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling it? Edit: By "it", I mean the game, not the mods.
  6. so, I usually only play Wendy in singleplayer, and it all feels very balanced as I can destroy hordes of small monsters, but Abigail tends to die when I need her the most, forcing me to fight by myself sometimes. but in DST, I found that most of the possible problems that people have trouble with don't exist with her, and the only thing that possibly kills me is a new player not knowing about Abigail and killing her by accident. I never have trouble making Telltale hearts because of Abigail's AOE attack, food is always a plenty, as I can go hunting by myself and kill things in the dark for bonus damage with only a log suit and a spear, Booster shots come too easily because abigail just murders bees and hound waves just end too fast for me to even notice them. The only downsides is that I can't kill big monsters(Deerclops, Spider Queen) so easily, and my sanity is constantly bellow 100, but all I need is a top hat, and it normalizes again. Any other Wendy player is feeling that, or is it just me being paranoid about balance issues?
  7. nice title. Now instead of asking for your refund(which is not happening. do your research), you could try some things like reinstalling the game and deleting all the mods you've installed. I doubt this is Klei's fault as, even with all the Early Access instability, it hasn't been that bad for quite a while.
  8. As long as mounts can kill riders, I'm fine with this.
  9. so it's no longer Science, and it's just dark magic? How boring.
  10. @Silentdarkness1, seems like a good idea at first, but there's the problem that players can be carrying more than a chest worth of content, and the 1-2 boards you get for nothing.
  11. on the Smoke Blanket thing, which seems better, perhaps it could simply display on the HUD similar to the character arrows that appear. It would have a certain range and would have low durability, or a small display time. That way it keeps the vagueness typical of DS, while adding a nice way to meet with other people.
  12. actually, the burden should be in no one, as it is right now. It would take 3 chests to put all your inventory in, and it would generate great long-term ressources lost for no reason, while some guys leaving the server with important stuff might be a annoying, but only for a short period of time, and they might come back. If you have something that you really treasure and is potatoable, then you should just walk around with it. It's much simpler of a solution, and much better for everyone else.
  13. let's add guns as an option. I don't think this is a good idea at all. It'll be annoying to have to recollect all your stuff every time you leave, risky, because anybody can steal your precious items you carry with you or spiders can eat all your food, and would create a lot of confusion walking around and finding piles of loot. And you could, you know, just prepare for it(or warn people to give your special stuff back before they leave)
  14. yeah, but it consumes a lot of effort, is very annoying, and gives a cheaty feel to the world. So it doesn't really help.
  15. Just as simple as that. Since DST became Early Access, I've had an absurd flow of griefers coming in the server, steal something important(like all our food, or our tallbird eggs), and just run off, and we've gotten to the point of having to enable PvP just so we can kill those guys(which is very tiring and time consuming) before we ban them, so we don't lose our stuff. I don't think this change would be very hard to make(although I know next to nothing in programing), and it would help a lot.
  16. not trying to be rude, but isn't checking the controls and settings the first thing one does when one opens a new game(or an update with possible new commands)?
  17. well, I just had some very good experiences on PvP servers, so I'm feeling stoked to try and defend passive PvP. The first interesting thing that happened was on a PvP server(can't even remember the name) that I joined shortly before winter(about day 16 or something like that). First I found a very friendly player who lent me some of his fire, before I kept going on(his base had nothing of interest, and he seemed very uncomfortable with my presence, always switching back to the spear, and running when I got close). After some time walking, I saw a Wilson dressed in full mid-game armor hunting down a Koalephant. I thought that that guy would be an nice partner to have. But after I helped him with his Koalephant, he just took all the meat and said "from here it's forbidden territory.". I didn't quite understand what he meant, so I kept walking, to the point where I found a base, and he started attacking me. Since I wasn't well armored enough to take him on, I tried to convince him to let me live(while fleeing for my life), and he agreed that we could coexist, but said that I should never come close to his base, and I was fine with that(a bit frustrated, but I liked living.). I was about to leave, when I noticed it was day 19, and I needed to survive winter. Then I, after considering the amount of damage he took from the Koalephant, equiped a fire dart I had found near an eskeleton, and fired. After that, it was just a few spear hits and he was dead, his base was mine. He kept coming back(world was set to endless) for some time, which was quite annoying(add "survival and endless modes" to my list of hated things)but after winter hit, he left the game, and I survived that winter thanks to his stuff(there was certainly not enough for the 2 of us, so I was glad I killed him.) So, long story short, PvP made it so I could survive, and although reading this piece of crap of a narration I'm unable to write might seem boring, I was laughing, at the edge of my seat, and carefully thinking ahead to check my chances, all at the same time, which, IMO, is what happens in the best moments of DS. the second notable server isn't nearly as long or interesting of an experience to narrate, but it was the one in which I spent the most time. Basicly, I joined the server from the beginning, and right of the bat got a partner. Me and my buddy made a base, recruited another guy(although I didn't quite trust him), and got to a point where we were starting to starve. So, while I was hunting some Koalephants by myself(I play Wendy, so it isn't that hard), I found what looked like a still in use base(there was nobody there, but the fireplace was still lit, so I didn't get too close.). After we started to eat our reserve of rabbits, and all hope seemed lost, I had a brilliant idea to raid that other base, and take all the food we could get. We got there by the night, saw a fire going, and then we spread ourselves, and attacked, killing one of the campers, and heavily injuring the other(he later freezed to death, but I think he ressurected the other player). Then we proceeded to take all the food and supplies we could, and set fire to that which we couldn't(can't have them coming back and exhausting resources on that part of the island). So Again, the fact that we had PvP only meant our survival. Of course, the existing game modes made my victories a bit less meaningful, because they just kept coming back to life(thankfully, we weren't on Survival, or else I'd be screwed with the sanity.), But it was very fun having an extra risk-reward system called "people" in the game, and since most of the time I play on PvP-off servers, people just tend to scatter and do their own business, I think that PvP only adds a bit more of spice in this mix. Also, just so you know, I've also had many times in which everybody played chose to play together, even though PvP was on. So don't come saying that PvP destroys cooperation, because all it does is make unfriendly groups possible, and add a better punishment for stealing than banning. (holy Odin, that's a lot of writing. I'm sorry for this. If you want a tl;dr version here it is: PvP is good.)
  18. I think PvP is very underdeveloped in DST(and in people's minds, as a concept) right now. If I could host a server without having to worry about my computer going supernova, I would always leave it with PvP on. Not because I would strive to kill everybody. I would probably hide my base on some corner of the world or something, and would probably put some kind of notice on the server description about this not being complete war or anything. But I would greet everybody, and some trustyworthy people would even be invited into my base. The PvP tag doesn't mean you should kill everybody. It means that you can kill people and that people can kill you. It makes it seem more like a "survival in group" kind of game, as you can't 100% guarantee people won't stab you in the back, but you still try to cooperate. That said, punishing people who come in and start killing everybody with bans and kicks(unless they're ewecus kicks...) doesn't seem very appropriate, but it's all those people have, since by killing the griefer, they only get penalized right now. Besides, what's the point of getting in a server and killing everybody? The combat in DS, and specially in DST, is not that fun, anyway and all you get from it is ruining people's fun for nothing. That's just very annoying of you.
  19. great, I finally got my key. Prepare to burn...

    1. Pyromailmann


      *hides behind trashcan*

    2. RalphKastro


      *sets fire to trashcan*

  20. Is it so hard to embrace my "DST doesn't exist yet" theory? I've elaborated a little more back, but it basicly is "I can't feel DST. I can't play DST. I can't buy DST. I don't have access to DST. So, for all intents, DST doesn't exist." Anyway, don't be emotional about this. You weren't chosen. I wasn't chosen either. I know that the game misses a lot for not having me right now(obligatory self-steem compensation), but it is what it is. No need to cry if you aren't in a closed randomly selected beta. Just Wait.
  21. probably, but if you think about it, chances are someone will make a new thread when it happens, and just sum this thread up in the OP. Nobody likes to read 24 pages of noise and things we already know just to get on the main, new stuff.