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  1. or just a post-singularity robot who decided to make an skeleton-like structure to sustain itself, along with developing an intelect similar to humans by interacting too much with them. And who is to say that robots don't have souls? Or that humans have them, for that matter. For all we know, he could be a Horcrux made by Maxwell. Or I'm just trying to incite some great discussion and falling flat because I'm the only one defending WX's robotness...
  2. are you saying that humans can have souls, but robots can't? Do you know how robophobic you sound right now?
  3. R-66Y? Nvm, I don't want Klei to be sued by a company that shall not be named. umm... excuse me? And ruining all the madness about WX-78's cyborgness?
  4. I think your knowledge of the DS lore is a bit innacurate... Lore is actually the only reason I'd recommend someone to a game's wiki...
  5. I think Seth goes crazy with those, though. But at least there were no file leaks of frogger yet
  6. Nah, I remember Mark saying something in the stream about those leaks being almost part of the routine now.
  7. I'm actually picturing the Devs going "this new update has lots of new stuff, now let's just put it secretly in the files while we work on it and then officially put in the game in an update and just watch as they all go- nevermind Recibee and aiailou found it again..."
  8. He actually works at Klei, along with Tim Burton and H.P. Lovecraft.
  9. is it just me or is there exactly zero servers up right now?

    1. RalphKastro


      nvm, stupid me forgot about filters.

  10. yes? Another option is to change the way to aquire the Old Bell. I know I annoy everyone here a lot about this idea, but this seems like a good enough excuse to annoy you guys some more. Maybe make it so it is somehow aquirable from the ruins/caves if they're ever in the game(and the Bell does look like it's made of some super rare ore and imbued with magical powers *hint* *hint*). It could even be integratred with Through the Ages when it's out next millenium.
  11. But if the heat is slowly increasing, wouldn't people pass out from dehydration before doing it from overheating? I'm not saying it's impossible, just that dehydration feels much more probable on something like just Summer-based high temperature. (I have almost no idea what I'm talking about, though. Just saying what sounds more plausible in my mind. Chances are I am wrong.)
  12. Just in case that those people trying to add me on Steam came from here, Please be aware that I don't accept friend requests that I'm not already expecting. So if you are one of those who sent me friend requests, please PM me beforehand next time.

  13. old bell.... old bell.... old belll....oldbelll....oldbelll...old....bell....oldenbelll olde bell.... old belll... old bell.... Yeah, just feed the voices in my head. I actually like the fact that Old Bell screwing people over is much more possible and plausible in DST. Doesn't silence the screaming voices, but at least calms them down a bit(specially because, if people want to make fire harder to get, maybe there'll be some movement for a rarer Old Bell). still sucks in Singleplayer.
  14. wait, you're already a member? What does a man/woman/Captein must do to stop being a Junior?

    1. RalphKastro


      I think the Magic Title Fairy has forsaken me. :(

    2. Asparagus



      Sorry buddy... I would suggest that you give the Magic Title Fairy an offering though...

    3. Auth


      I believe it's when you have a certain number of posts AND likes. Or when JoeW just feels like it. I became a member on my first day at around 30 posts I believe... I don't know, I forget.

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  15. actually, this is not all that uncommon. In some biomes, it's even considered a normal and seasonal thing to happen(not in Pine forest though. Never on those). But I just don't find it believable for people to die of overheating before dehydration, neither do I find it more fun anyway. except for summer, which has winter things with "Summer" or "Cold" or "Endothermic" slapped on them.
  16. @Pyromailmann, Aren't they in that "Up and Away" mod? I remember seeing them once or twice before getting lazy with mods.
  17. is it bad that I want to be get inside it's mouth like it's a sweater and just die in the cuteness?
  18. that's a fair point, but it doens't really apply right now. From my experience in DST, big monsters are actually more of a looming threat, making me play overcautiously, than a actual threat, and, with the exception of Deerclops, I can just avoid them most of the time. I don't think it even matches up with vanilla all that much either, as when fighting a big monster I can just tell other people to do it(like a Wolfgang) and don't have to care about them. It just feels weird that Wendy has better overall sanity, stronger in combat against anything but Bosses and tentacles(which only helps with sanity, because of silk), and as only penaulty the occasional attack nerf for 2-3 days(sanity doesn't count that much, since once you get a top hat, sanity drain in itself is a non-issue). I won't go so far as to compare it using RoG vallues, since I both don't know how they're going to implement it and don't like the direction they went with it.
  19. Abigail can also only be some kind of hallucination on Wendy's part. Who knows?