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  1. looking foward to it. I will probably force my friend to play a 10 hour marathon when this is out.
  2. yeah, the pun sounded fun the first couple of times I saw it... for some reason... Darn, I can't make funny stuff without coffee.
  3. I'm quite sure there's a huge amount of stuff that didn't actually become a thing for some reason in Don't Starve development. Bet most of them were cute. Now they're all in the incenerator.
  4. Although I do not like griefers invading my server, I don't think a perma ban on the game they bought would be very fair just because they love destroying stuff. Heck, even I sometimes(very rarely, due to time constraints) invade a server and start to raid bases and set fire to their forests(although I only do it on PvP servers and make my intentions clear very early). Other times I can be very cooperative, trying to help out build bases and shelter newcomers. Should I be banned from playing on any servers? Also, monitoring game based interactions is just terrible. I don't want to waste The Devs' time on deciding if they should ban people, or having to create a system for it, and them having all the trouble of fixing it when people abuse it or it bugs out and starts banning people randomly. The greatest Dev intervention I would actually support would be some kind reputation system, possibly related to that "Recent Encounters" thing that's still in the works. People could report or honor(with a more DS-ish language, though) people and they would get a reputation based on that, like "Shady" or "Notorious" or "Helpful" that would either appear on the tab thing or upon examining the character.
  5. Finally got some time in my stupidly busy and overplanned schedule(I'm only 15! How can a child be so busy?) to play some DST again. Any recommended servers?

    1. Asparagus


      *raises hand*


      *puts it back down again*


  6. "Knock Knock" "Who is it" "Hammer" "Hammer Who?" "HAMMER YO FRIGGIN DOOR"
  7. so, there's a bug that makes everything be always starving? I guess even the bugs know irony.
  8. I kinda take this sadistic pleasure of just reading people doing the craziest stuff and finding bugs with them or crashing the (Rhymes with Play) Server.
  9. well, I was thinking about just giving out playing altogether(too much stuff going on in that darn thing called real life), but these 2 changes have convinced me to not only play it more, but also play with strangers. Thanks a lot, guys.
  10. but he already has a razor. It'll probably just be an useless item that pops up everywhere and allyou can do is examine it to yell "BONESAW REAAAADDYYYYYYY" and use it to peform the BONE SAW REAAADDYYYYYY emote.
  11. ah, okay. Since I hadn't taken my time to watch the devstream yet, I thought for a moment that Peter was just a DST streamer. Sorry, bearded man.
  12. doesn't all the characters(except Wes) depend mostly on the playstyle and quality of the player for their qualities?
  13. so, you managed to inspire me to have an idea with your suggestion, just to steal it from my future brain in the next. I don't know if I love you or hate you, man.
  14. well, I do think that the Devs should have griefing in mind, but only so that if they have any gameplay-related ideas that could be used as a bonus to add some basic anti griefing method. I don't remember this happening.(I do remember it's development going down the drain because of the people in charge after Notch left, though.)
  15. check the URL on the top of the page. If there's nothing aside from page info in there(like thread title and number), then click this link http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/44729-dont-starve-together-roadmap/ . If it's still weird, then The Devs are probably sending you a sign from above.
  16. Kevin is in charge of everything. He is the one that pulls all the strings. Actually, he's currently working on other things that are not DS. All he controls in DS and DST(aside from the "RNG" events that kill you every time) is the lore.
  17. points in Don't Starve? Next you're going to want achievments...
  18. @rezecib,@ThaumicParrot, Or maybe he just forgot. It's Mark we're talking about.
  19. I feel like the internet is not a good place for me anymore

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      I want Mint Chocolate Chip.

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      *puts a koala in a tub of ice cream

      *pours a bag of chocolate chips

      *pours a bucket of Liquid Nitrogen

      ...here you go...


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