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  1. Just kick/ban them. I think it's only 2 clicks and 1 button press. You could try explaining the situation first, but as a rule of thumb, if somebody joins and dies within 2 days, then instaban.
  2. I suggest an "I don't mind" option in the poll. Although I'd like it if they made crows only active during the Night. Or maybe add some other nocturnal bird.
  3. Never question etiquete. When you question everything falls apart. JK. If the topic is still relevant/some new information brought that topic back into relevance, and the post that brings it back to the world of the living and somehow makes clear how the topic is still relevant and adds to the discussion(which a "meep" quote does not), then I don't think it qualifies as a necro. More like just waking a guy from a coma.
  4. I usually track them down and in PvP games raid their bases(but I let them survive most of the time).
  5. that's not really new. I have little to no knowledge about how the new giants work, but, assuming you have to go there and kill the Goose, then it should be expected to be made harder(unlike in DS, which is kinda okay, because he goes after you in an easy season, but not really)
  6. did you expect all of them to just be a reskinned Deerclops?
  7. that really works. Yesterday I shot down an asteroid with the power of friendship.
  8. well, and if I recall correctly, so was Wortox and Wallace. Being in seen in the files, specially before the Devs started hiding their stuff, doesn't really mean it's going to be in. Just that it's being considered/the artists did something.
  9. we need Fully Upgraded Rathalos armor and Greatswords and Gunlances to take care of this beast.
  11. Heck yeah, necrodancer is out. Time to beat it to the beat.

  12. you mean the white font? I kinda do it unconciously while reading, and so far I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary. Could've missed something, though.
  13. I don't really think that They would look like devils... More like some screwed-up thing that your eyes can't even process properly... They are Gigas. I just love saying "no" to this idea. Someday I'll be wrong about this aswell. But it's still pleasing.
  14. @XirmiX, @Pyromailmann, Could you both keep your personal problems with each other to the status updates? There, I don't mind, but here it's just clutering the threads with unnescessary personality attacks.
  15. Has anybody checked the Giantless version of the poster for secrets?
  16. Strongly disagree. The PvP update or whatever they want to call it is the only theory here that doesn't seem to be reading too much into it. I don't really like it, but it's what makes the most sense.
  17. came to moan about being unable to help solve puzzle due to late hour, Stayed for the Slap Fight. BTW, how did you guys figure out it was "proelium?" Nervermind, I'm sleepy, dumb and blind.