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  1. well, you were asking for a Roadmap or another type of behind the scenes. Since there weren't anything similar coming out at the time, the best thing for you would be to watch the Dev stream, as that would serve similar purpose. I see nothing unprofessional here, as there isn't really any schedule or obligation on Klei's part for a behind the scenes. It's just a thing that they did, and now that Seth is not there, I'm guessing that it'll be extra rare for there to be anything of the like for a while.(Bigfoot, be our Not-Seth!)
  2. Samurai Wigfrid Vs Ninja Wolfgang?
  3. FTFY yeah, I kinda meant that about the survival mode. My bad. (and yes, I know some servers are forgiving, but not everybody got time for taking care of newbies, y'know)
  4. Hooray. I finally finished my computer. No more Notebook gaming for me.

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      *still stuck in laptop*

      *applauds Ralph's achievement*

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      *wishes he could like*

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  5. Now that I was thinking about it, Don't Starve Together's main problem in this area is the complete lack of a learning curve and having great punishments right from the get go(is that still an expression?). Don't Starve kinda had an implied one, in that you first learnt to fear the dark, then to eat, then to not fight all the spiders(unless you're wigfrid) then to stockpile food, then to not get killed by bees, then to not get killed by bees again, then to not forget the dark, then to fear the snow, then to master the snow, then to get their faces wrecked by the Deerclops. You learn more the more you play and die and the stakes get higher the more you know as you get a more developed world. You get pro-er the more things get harder until you reach that awkward spot in which you're pro-er than the game. but until then, the learning curve is really good at doing what a learning curve does. It even rewards you with pleasure when you come to that same problem again and just wreck it later on. DST's learning curve on the other hand is just: Join Server, once there know everything or be banned for wasting resources/draining sanity. kinda expensive, don't you think?
  6. fkcuin TF2 hat users. I see what you mean. It's kinda like fancy words. If Morgan Freeman or some researcher uses it, it enhances the content of their speech, but if it is just some everyday Jack making some non-sensical argument on the internet about how white people are superior, then it just makes it look even more stupid. Mostly, the second. Although I don't like the idea of paying for the skins, I'm not really against them. Just probably won't buy them. I think I've read somewhere that this is so common, specially in AAA games, due to the fact that in the final polishing stages of game development, most of the art for the game is already done, and the artists don't really have much to do, so they do some skins or extra content, so they're neither paid a salary for nothing or fired while the designers and programmers fix the bugs. The thing is that with the rise of micro transactions, it seems that some companies are twisting this in order to make more money instead of just putting in Easter Eggs or asigning those artists to new projects right away. But you can always trust klei to get some badly done thing in the industry and make something great with it(I think this pretty much sums up most of their games up to now).
  7. I think I have a fan. :)

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      Noooo, what made you think that? *pretends like is not waiting every day for RalphKastro to post **** so she can like it*

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  8. so, the problem is not the aesthetic dlc in itself, it's the underlying crap game.
  9. Yeah. They are the main reason that, when I do join a public server, I just make my own base and refuse to communicate and interact unless necessary. I hate to have some idiot yelling at me because I play in a different way, or make mistakes. I can only imagine how it would feel for less experienced players. Maybe there could be some sort of tutorial or early players hints for new players so they can learn the basics before starting players. It would kinda ruin the "BAM! SURVIVE!" aspect of the game, but I don't think some loading screen hints or something would hurt much.
  10. Ralph's Question of the really late at night and should already be sleeping:

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      I was planning on integrating Incognita's face in it... but I had the eye-nips... and Incognita's a girl... so...


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  11. my favourite thing to do as self-punishment added challenge is to put all the seasons on random, Krampus on lots and all resources and food producing things on less(except beefalo and pigs and other set-piece like things due to weird world generation). I don't know how that would work with the respawning plants, though.
  12. I think they said on the Dev Stream some time ago that they weren't going to charge for skins. Or maybe not, I'm not sure. But I hope not, because having to walk all the way to the bank for a skin(and there's also the added bank tax) due to my lack of credit card seems kinda painful. I know, Right?
  13. *pretends like didn't spend 15 minutes changing profile pics*

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      I totally missed the fact that you said cool. Not quite literal, but I can see where you're coming from.

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      *contacts Alexius*


      *hangs up*

      He will be collecting $10K from you by the end of the month... he brings the gifts of Fire and Brimstone... that's the law firm... O__O

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      http://wallpaperswa.com/thumbnails/detail/20120316/deviantart uninvited drawings romantically apocalyptic engie 1920x1200 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_48.jpg
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  14. there's something interestingly satisfying about filling the general Discussion top threads with Rainbows.

  15. strange, mine is spiders. Like really lots of them. Everywhere. Of every colour. Everybody knows there are not enough spiders.
  16. RIP Iwata-san. Your work in making sure that game consoles remain a thing shall not be forgotten.

  17. just found this Podcast http://99percentinvisible.org/episode/johnnycab-automation-paradox-pt-2/ Guess I'll have a few weeks of Better Than Wolves+Podcast reclusion. Maybe I'll finaly reach The End....