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  1. hey, can anybody else see the image? it's gone for me, and when I click to see it in another tab it gives me a weird error Edit: The error
  2. why the heck would wilson go to the moon? What would be the point? The moon is probably not even like our moon. And even if it was the chances of surviving are much greater on the island than on the moon anyway. He wouldn't want to risk it like that he's probably trying to replicate the Maxwell's Door from what he remebers(or just loosing it)
  3. your girlfriend is one of them...... beware......
  4. actually, it's just that the Scalearmour is just hardly benneficial, as burning stuff all around you is probably going to hurt you and your world more than your enemies. It really is not a smart decision in most of the scenarios you can get, which is basicly the point of the game(or was, before the Old Bell)
  5. winter is the best for wool, anytime is good for manure, it's much more safe to catch bees in autumn as you can use the beekeper's hat instead of the ice cube, forest fires are just 2 twigs and 2 grass away(which is not easy to get in summer, and is better to do that on winter, for extra heat) and an armour that lights enemies on fire is just dangerous, as you can burn the loot AND your base
  6. there's nothing new about these things, and you can do them in other seasons(specially autumn)
  7. I believe every Season, save for winter, needs more uniqueness. In the vanilla game, winter was special because it was hard and had deerclops, pengulls, ice hounds and Mctusk. Summer was unique because plants could grow, it was peacefull and there were fire hounds. Now the only really unique season is the winter with Mctusk, ice hounds, pengulls and ice. Autumn is just a relatively dangerless, Spring crops grow a bit faster, and Summer sets fire to stuff. Aside from the giants, there's no risk-reward exciting and optional activities in these seasons, just some natural risk, and the same stuff aside from that.
  8. I agree, summer needs more risk/reward interactions and more uniqueness. Doesn't even need to be something completely new. For example the Fire Hounds could only attack during summer, making red gems rarer, making the red:blue gems ratio seem more logical, and making people looking a bit more foward for summer(just that won't do, though)
  9. I had 2 isolated far away goats for over 100 days, and when I came back it was still 2, so no, I don't think they reproduce for now
  10. anybody else thinks that, for one of the hardest giants, the Deerclops has the least usefull drop? You can do a lot of stuff with the others (Bearger:Hybearnation Vest;that backpack thing. Goose:Luxury feather, wheather pain. Dragonfly: fireproof chest, armor) and he only has the Eyebrella(which is not that great by itself, and lasts for ever with a sewing kit, so you'll never need another) and the Houndius Shootius(which is just some super late game item, almost useless by the time you get it, since you have to go to the caves)
  11. it is not recording any new deaths(or at least RoG ones)
  12. seems like none of the sanity giving food seem to be giving any sanity anymore
  13. there's not much of a need to go to the ruins either, just some tools to do what you already can do faster and with non-renewable resources so it's still just go to the ruins if you want to go the ruins, not because there's some need to go there to tech up/progress
  14. by that you mean the lives the characters has in the world before they die(like if you die and create a new world there will be hints about your last world), or in the lives they had in the real world before being brought to the DS world?
  15. actually it doesn't kill you if you try to summon a 5th shadow right away, it's just that summoning them all at once will kill you due to maxwell's low health. you've got to heal before you summon the fifth
  16. noticed a bug, the game crashed when I died during krampusnacht with a efigy nearby