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  1. actually, a small part of the group started making a prototype for DST around the time that the last few updates for RoG(which was after it being released and end of the beta)
  2. and this is a good example why paranoia is not good actually they aren't. they still haven't even finished DST and they won't for a while. this entire Moon DLC thing is just a bunch of people who don't even know what they want and just thinking if it would be "kinda cool to have it". If Klei is still trustable, a moon DLC will never happen. People should think about this stuff before saying they want it.
  3. after they pulled a multiplayer on my face last puzzle, I just don't know what to expect. Maybe they are planning a Moon DLC. Maybe I should take my medicine and try to not lose faith completely...
  4. I can only imagine how Maxwell's and Wendy's smiles will look like...
  5. touching, but Maxwell used the flower ever since the beginning of his career
  6. Wallpaper seems to be back I was actually being sarcastic. If anything, they should try and flesh out even more the experience on the already existing dimensions.(when was the last time you felt like you needed to go to the ruins?) besides, what would be the point to go to the moon? If you're trying to survive, the natural aproach would be to avoid wasting tons of extremely hard to get materials to go to barren, oxigen-less satelites.
  7. there is a mod for her. And we already have Wigfrid. The "In With The New" to Winnie thing was just a joke. everything is connected. They'll make new DLC with a Space Adventure Mode, where you go to the moon and fight the Werebeaver and his army of Werepigs. Edit: whoops, sorry for the double post. Could any mod please merge them or something? [Done]
  8. so now, I think it's safe to assume it's solved and that now we just have to wait.
  9. must be a youtube thing. I don't think one dot would be part of the puzzle.
  10. so, for the first time I'm not late, but then I go to sleep and when I get back it's already solved. Guess my luck hasn't changed at all. Edit: and about the beeps, they seem pretty much uniform in the intervals to me. If there's a code in them I think only if by number of beeps.
  11. yeah, I know of that link. What I meant was the bit.ly link that sent you to that page. I believe it was praecantator, but I'm not sure, as it seems to have been taken out.
  12. moon rocks.... oh god, not another table flipping update.... don't make all those crazy guys from the last puzzle be right twice
  13. just watched it twice in .25x speed and couldn't find nothing new, but I may be very blind. Does anybody remember what was praecantator's bit.ly link? If I am allowed to theorize, I think that redemptus means that the story will continue and that the Praecantator means that the continuation will not be on that same link.
  14. wooohooo, for the first time I'm not late to the puzzle. Now I'll just wait for my computer screen to stop trying to give me a seizure flashing and I'll put all my non-existent skills in this to help out.
  15. yes, I do know that it makes rocks renewable and stuff, but I don't think they would go through the trouble of implementing meteors just so they could act as a placeholder. I (like to)believe they have a bigger purpose and will be more than a event that unstoppably destroys your base for no good reason. And for the Old Bell, I have already lost all hope of them fixing it, and most of the time I just pretend it doesn't exist, to avoid frustration.
  16. well, rocks were already renewable with caves and earthquakes. I don't think that's even close to the actual purpose of the meteors it could be used, for example as part of the Old Bell crafting process....
  17. so, you need to stop slacking to play a video game?
  18. apparently the word that rhymes with "a hole" is considered a swear word, just like the one that rhymes with "witch". I don't have a problem with this, but the problem is that I don't know any less sweary words to describe myself. Could anybody help me?

    1. the truthseeker

      the truthseeker

      Wait, "bass pole" is censored now?

    2. greenglacier


      Censor aaattacking? xD

    3. RalphKastro


      I actually meant "brass mole", but I understand your confusion.

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  19. man, they only beat me to it because I didn't get a key(although I would only do that in a PvP server in which I wanted to stay and survive in, and I wouldn't leave the game to escape.)
  20. agreed, and my lightning staff made of grass should be too