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  1. okay... so the name is "Through the Ages"... Klei, I forbid you of putting dinosaurs in the game. If you really have to do it, at least do it with style and stick a squirrel head on that T-rex. Oh, and to anyone who dares to complain about buying DST keys, keep in mind that the average price for the keys on the key depot was around 40 dollars. So, no matter how you look at it, stuff got better. Edit: Dinossquirrel?
  2. yay, beefalo riding! Will only be worth it if they kill you in the process, though...
  3. well, you could also think of it as: vanilla DS-Don't Starve 1; Reign of Giants DS- Don't Starve 2; DST- Don't Starve 3.
  4. knowing my luck, they'll send my key on the 15th and release open beta on the 16th...
  5. I don't think anyone is going to come this thread to ask about DST.
  6. sorry for that. I just felt that the thread was so derailed that it wouldn't hurt to talk about something here. Also http://youtu.be/Zm4IfmoYDcs?t=38s
  7. well, yeah, but Bloody Lust works differently now, though. I agree, Rebirth seems to be awfully lacking in new content, with the only notable things being the 2 new final bosses, a boss rush and the new characters. The new items are either too same-y or too rare to make any difference, and most of the new notable synergies are with old rare items. I just bought it because of the new art style that I find very cool(and the co-op kinda helped). And appearently, they are going to start making a new expansion soon, and my wallet can only hope it's a free one, not a WotL style one. And I think it's much more probable that, once the next "part" of the puzzle starts, people will create a new thread with a TL;DR version of this one on the OP. Would be much easier for the people who weren't here or stopped reading after they solved the puzzle.
  8. well, if you try to make a game with more than 300 items some of them will seem a bit halfassed. Also, Samson is much better now in Rebirth.
  9. well, I actually meant that Book of Shadows sounded a lot better as a translation than Script of Darkness... But if we're talking about BoI's Book, then it's probably a mix of them wanting a invulnerability item, and Isaac invoking the shadows to help him or something... All I know is that it would be terrible if the shield was pitch black, specially with a charging item like Brimstone, as you wouldn't know if it's charged.
  10. oh, very interesting... except for the fact that it has already been talked about, and is also quite obvious(really, any English/Latin-related speaker with very minor knowledge of liguistics knows that.). And "Book of Shadows" sounds cooler.... Also, to these people that think that there's more, has it crossed you minds that this was actually some sort of trailer for the next puzzle or something like that? It's even quite fitting, since DST is in a sort of preview itself...
  11. or maybe Charlie was just a hallucination Maxwell had all along... and the night monster is actually a manifestation of Them... Think about it, we don't know much about Charlie, she only has relations to Maxwell, and she only appeared after he found The Book. I'll show myself out now.
  12. I still don't get it. Lotus or Flower, what's the difference(specially being called Abigail's flower in game)?
  13. even though it's kinda frustrating to have this discussion over and over again, at least I feel glad that Wendy is getting some more attention
  14. Now I'm imagining a red burning Zebra trying to strangle a cat...
  15. It just occurred to me... What if... The Resumptus page is just a hint to the fact that next update will have Wendy and Maxwell?
  16. 1.Community also requested stuff like a better Old Bell recipe(ME), better cave integration, moon and nightmare worlds dlcs, Wyro. If a game relies too much on community requests, it's doomed to failure(although some can be good, like the first 2.(specially the first one)) 3.makes sense, but it would be too touching... and just makes me start clawing my eyes at the thought of seeing Maxwell greeting Charlie when you create a new world...(I shall not cry... I shall not cry...) The rest of your post makes a lot of sense, though. Maybe Charlie will be a new character. But Klei must have bigger and easier priorities right now.(like putting the rest of the characters in the game). Maybe later. Like very later
  17. so, the only evidence that there will be a new character and that it will be charlie is the resumptus thing and your wish for charlie. That kinda makes sense, in a very optimistic way of thinking. But I still think that charlie, although could be made to work in SP, would just wreck MP. Like, in SP they could add some extreme drawbacks to the fact that there's no grue.(I have no idea at the moment aside from forcing players to live in caves and only leave at night, but there might be some other ideas), But in MP there must be a grue, so they should have to create something in her backstory just so it could replace her almost granted "no grue" pro, while also having to explain who is the other grue, which is a huge waste of backstory, in my opinion.
  18. I think that this is pretty much confirmed to not happen. First off, no silluete matches the characters perfectly. Second, Why would they put every character in the DST sign up, including the one that is not confirmed, but not put Wendy(which by the way is the best character and should be the simbol of the game instead of Wilson)? Third, if Wendy doesn't match, why would you guys expect Charlie to match? So, if you guys are saying that charlie is going to be a new character, then it has no relation to the first pictures, and if you are saying that the new character is not charlie, then it has no relation to the Resumptus stuff, unless it's just another character with a simbolic flower just because flowers. I think it's much more reasonable to believe that the flower in the video is just a hint that the next puzzle will involve Charlie or Charlie and Maxwell(or just Maxwell). TL;DR this isn't Charlie, and probably not any other new character
  19. it's not Wendy, it's her 2nd twin. Which is also evil. And she's also Charlie/Charlie's twin. I'm going to my corner of shame now.
  20. that sounds very patient compared to those people from the Key Depot