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  1. 12 hours ago, Asparagus said:

    I suggest people actually take the time to read past comments

    why bother? 15 pages, mate. I've got stuff to do. I'd much rather just skim some posts and make a random joke or comment on non-specific matters that don't benefit to the thread at all. Like this one.

    17 hours ago, Mikeadatrix said:

    Also call me Mikey.

    oh, I remember the last guy here with attitude problems and hated when somebody forgot one letter of his name. It's always sad to see them go...

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  2. @Clwnbaby, sorry, I phrased that wrongly. What I meant to say is that it's just a setting that is exploitable. I just don't think it works well with anybody with high base ping. Maybe it should be configurable only out of server(like, only in the options menu in the main screen, or opening a prompt saying that you have to disconnect from the server when trying it.) to prevent exploits.

    And yes, I'm aware that people with lower pings will always have advantages. That's kinda to be expected, though.

  3. Which is incredibly unprofessional, and is a complete non-answer, but whatever.
    well, you were asking for a Roadmap or another type of behind the scenes. Since there weren't anything similar coming out at the time, the best thing for you would be to watch the Dev stream, as that would serve similar purpose. I see nothing unprofessional here, as there isn't really any schedule or obligation on Klei's part for a behind the scenes. It's just a thing that they did, and now that Seth is not there, I'm guessing that it'll be extra rare for there to be anything of the like for a while.(Bigfoot, be our Not-Seth!) 

  4. Now that I was thinking about it, Don't Starve Together's main problem in this area is the complete lack of a learning curve and having great punishments right from the get go(is that still an expression?). Don't Starve kinda had an implied one, in that you first learnt to fear the dark, then to eat, then to not fight all the spiders(unless you're wigfrid) then to stockpile food, then to not get killed by bees, then to not get killed by bees again, then to not forget the dark, then to fear the snow, then to master the snow, then to get their faces wrecked by the Deerclops.

    You learn more the more you play and die and the stakes get higher the more you know as you get a more developed world. You get pro-er the more things get harder until you reach that awkward spot in which you're pro-er than the game. but until then, the learning curve is really good at doing what a learning curve does. It even rewards you with pleasure when you come to that same problem again and just wreck it later on.

    DST's learning curve on the other hand is just: Join Server, once there know everything or be banned for wasting resources/draining sanity.

    I just recommend playing singleplayer first.
    kinda expensive, don't you think? 
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