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  1. is America great yet? Canada sure as heck is getting some possible new Klei employees/Lumberjacks, though. And Dollar value will hopefully drop enough for me to buy more (Klei) vidya games.

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    2. RalphKastro


      Doing great. Will try to figure out how to use skype on linux later this week.

      Also, can somebody sum up what changed since I left?

    3. Asparagus


      Charlie's doing major redecorating... literally and figuratively... shadow creatures posing as end tables that chase after light and even puts out fires done to by things to itself... marble... marble everywhere... moonrocks, moon rocks everywhere... new queen-based insect boss/miniboss... the Queen Bee.. and ofcourse PETS!!!(THAT YOU CRAFT) and also doors/gates and fences!!

      Scarecrows... Underground Giant: Toadstool... mushroom based lighting, fashion and interior decorating... no roofs as of yet...

    4. RalphKastro


      wow, sounds really interesting. Once I'm done with this RailsGirls event I'll be doing, I'll probably binge on Don't Starve again.