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  1. Thank you, but I don't understand how this would work? I tried to check the steam market to get an idea of pricing but I don't see any "skins" for DST there at all (just cards). I don't think you can sell them? Not to mention I would feel about weird turning around and selling a present Klei gave me (call me old fashioned lol). If there was a way I could give it to a friend that would be better.
  2. Hello; Is the DST box giftable/transferable? I own all of the Klei games already but I don't like multiplayer games, and it seems like the box would be wasted on me. Too bad we cannot select Griftlands, eh? (Maybe another box could join cute Chester on my profile? For the 2x a year I post I can show off lol)
  3. Yeah, I'm kind of wondering this too. (about the flair). I got a tracking number, that worked on usps.com until it hit the border, then canada post picked it up and tracked it the rest of the way from customs clearance to my house.
  4. Mine came too. I love him so much. Thank you Klei. A friend is asking when they'll be available to purchase. Does anyone have that info?
  5. I'm not sure why, but when I received my tracking email, I also received the tracking email for another backer (including their full name and home address). If some who did not get stickers still haven't had the tracking email sent to them, it's possible that info was sent to another person but is still being shipped to the right place.
  6. Well, I meant the Adobe suite (Photoshop, Premiere, InDesign, etc) as opposed to just one program in it. Sorry for not being more clear. Flash has been owned by Adobe for many years, but tbh I prefer Flash 8 or MX 2004, since there are less bugs.
  7. I will try Maxwell next, but I ragequit again...true story...
  8. Thank you for the comments everyone. Wow, people are very nice. :DI use Adobe sometimes, but I like the simplicity of MSPaint some days. I will try to draw a Maxwell next somehow. My problem is when there are 3-4 at once. I've been trying to get through Adventure Mode lately and those Spider Queen Bridges are the worst. I'm playing with Wolfgang and my sanity just disappears in seconds.
  9. Here are some things done with a mouse in MSpaint. I'm not much better with a tablet or real pencils. :)This was my "I'm a newbie please don't hate me" picture:And here's one I made immediately after ragequitting