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  1. Yeah, you can lose that screen shot now that you've updated the UI. Looking good!
  2. Man, you're really on to something here CJB! Down the road, if you can get a mob spawn screen going, we'd have everything covered between this and Mini Tools.
  3. RPG HUD perhaps? Yeah, it hasn't been updated yet. Kiopho has been out of town. Not sure when he's coming back and will update.
  4. Ah, in the spirit of MineCraft's Too Many Items. Way cool! Lots of potential here!
  5. must be having some real problems with the compiler... seems excessive...
  6. that is the cutest thing I've ever seen. @simplex, you done got a special banner under ya!
  7. Can you name the problem mods? They rely on some fixes before being compatible, but all mine, for example, are up to date in the Workshop. Others may not be yet...
  8. ah, me thinks you're over complicating things. The batch file is right in your don't starve root (just go there and double-click it to run) and the updater (in this case 18) is in DontStarve\updater\18 (updater.exe). Unless you're speaking to the folks who aren't sure how to even navigate their own computer..
  9. (As I mentioned, I opened it up and added the 'pause' statement which stops the batch file from disappearing when it's done -just to check) For me, of course, with so many mods, I like to get the updates as soon as possible because keeping two versions of 15+ mods is hair-pulling.
  10. Any news on the stand-alone version update? I run the 18\updater.exe and nothing. Also wondering, doesn't the stand-alone automatically run runme.bat on launch to check? I just put a 'pause' in there and it didn't run on launch.
  11. All, the Amulet, Backpack and Backpack and Amulet mods are updated to the new DS update coming Tuesday and are poised and ready. POISED I TELL YOU!
  12. That's looking pretty good. Can you 'triangulate/simplity' all those poly faces? (I'm thinking in C4D terms)
  13. My head hurts even thinking about how they put animations together.