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  1. A mechanian to bundle multiple automation wires into one wire. Currently, if you want to wire a lot of automation wires over long distance. You have to run a lot of parallel wires. At the same time, a wireless automation seems to make things a bit too trivial. I propose having a automation conduit/bus system. It consist of the following. 1. The Bus - visually like a heavy electric wire, does not intersect with automation wires. 2. Input Patch - place on top of the Bus, receives automation signal. 3. Output Patch - place on top of the Bus, emits automation signals. Defaults to Off signal. Both input and output patch can be set to a channel value between 1 and 16. Anytime an Input Patch receives an on signal, all Output patch sitting on the same Bus with the same channel emits an On signal.
  2. Mirth leaf and jumping Joya has wider temp pressure tolerance. Perhaps make Buddy Buds temp requirement more stringent? So if you want to pollen buff you need to manage your temperature
  3. I think this is the case where a compromise would be great. Having dupe walk up to a sensor to update it is tedious. However the current system is a bit "cheaty". Maybe have it behave like a remote control system? Have all sensor require dupe operation. However dupe can "operate" sensors at a range of 10 blocks and doesn't need line of sight.
  4. The drop of liquid work, but feels a bit exploity and gamy. I would prefer to have something more natural like a building transfer heat with the tile they are sitting on, even if said transfer is slower (effective thermal conductivity is, say, 10% of normal)
  5. I agree that there current disease is too binary and just a very annoying stumbling block for early game. Once you get to mid game it's essentially a trivial annoyance. What I wish is to have disease that's as interesting as rest of the game, where you have multiple mitigation or prevention strategies. I propose that disease, once contracted, have two attributes: Severity and Immunity. Severity is how bad the symptom of a disease is. It increases overtime and max out at 100%. Max severity disease should be a lot more debilitating than current disease. This may not be linear (for example, severity of 0 to 30 may have no debug and only starts to ramp after 30, this models an incubation rate). Immunity is how far along a duplicant is at fighting off the disease. It starts at 0% and increases overtime until it reaches 100%. Once at 100%, it will stay there and Severity will start to decrease. Immunity will decrease over time once Severity reach 0. With that, you get a more interesting dynamics where disease mimic real life disease as having 3 phases. 1. Incubation - duplicant got sick, the symptoms of their disease gets worse over time. 2. Fully ill -Severity is at maximum, Immunity is still catching up. This stage may be skipped if immunity rises fast enough. 3. Recovery - Immunity max out, Severity starts to decrease. 4. Cured - Severity reaches 0. Immunity for said disease start to decrease. With this, you get several way to "modify" disease progression. 1. Suppress severity growth - this would be the primary mechanism for early game through something like placebo pills. In short, make the disease less severe until dupe's natural immunity develops. 2. Boost immunity growth - this would be for later game med pack or just bed rest in early game. This shortens disease duration. 3. Prevention - have various medicine that provide an initial boost to immunity. In short, kick immunity up such that it reaches 100% before high severity symptom shows up. 4. Continuous exposure to same germ could accelerate severity growth and/or suppress immunity growth. This system would accomplish several things. 1. Make disease significant - Max severity disease could be made debilitating, forcing player to do something about it unless they don't mind a dupe being out of commission. 2. More options/clear progression - you'll always have options and flexibility in how to handle disease. You can manage severity (placebo pill, better medicine) to let dupe keep working or to reduce disease duration (bed rest, med bay to boost immunity). 3. Not trivial in late game - you no longer instant cure disease late game. You just have better management system (pill to keep severity low, better facilty to boost immunity faster). 4. More varied disease - you can have different disease with different severity / immunity profile. For example, food poisoning could have acute (fast severity and immunity growth), more chronic (slime germ, moderate severity and slow immunity growth), or even allergy (low severity growth, no immunity stat, with pills that can actually reduce severity instead of just making it grow slower).
  6. It doesn't have to be extra difficult for the player to make it worthwhile. Day 10 is too early. I would leave it to year 2 (after one full season cycle) and tweak it to be slightly more harrowing. 1. Increase sanity drain on days of eclipse (from -5/min to -10/min. Two days equals -160 sanity total). 2. Sanity thresholds for hallucinationis are higher (so hallucination start showing up earlier, and attacks earlier).
  7. New weapon idea

    To be honest, I think a laser pointer may be a bit too much for this game.A camera with flash might work better.
  8. The part that bug me is the daily randomness thing since Solar Eclipse should only happen on new moons. Perhaps have the increase the chance a bit (to 10%, maybe) and only process it on days with new moons (with the eclipse lasting until the new moon phase s over, which lasts two days at most).
  9. Werehounds

    I know it sounds familiar. I just can't remember where I got it from.
  10. Werehounds

    Yes! Dapperhounds!Dapperhounds (neutral mob)A terrifying beast that came out only on the night of a full moon. A transformed hound wearing a terrifyingly refine outfit, these beast will forgo physical confrontation and settle for a nightmarish late night tea with you.Dapperhound will sit down next to an active fireplace. If none is available, follow the player around. Upon being attacked, will only counter attack once before resuming to neutral.Health: 150 HPAttack: -10 HP, -10 sanity (the Dapperhound slaps you with its gloved... paw?)Insanity Aura: -100/minQuotes:Idle (pretty much all the time):"Mighty fine weather today.""A bit of crumpet?"Attacked:"That was uncouth!"Red Dapperhound (neutral mob)A more terrifying dapper beast. These beast will start their own miniature campfire to brew their tea on, potentially setting fire to nearby stuffs.Health: 100 HPAttack: -10 HP, -10 sanity (the Dapperhound slaps you with its gloved... paw?)Insanity Aura: -100/min (scaled to distance, so rarely it's at full effect).Quotes:Starting Fire:"Time for a spot of tea.""Fine place for some tea."Idle:"A spot of tea?"Attacked:"Well I say!"
  11. Easy Start Character

    You can customize the sandbox world to be easier.Willow, your first unlock after 8 days of survival (cumulative between play), is a easy to start character and easy to maintain sanity with (stand next to fire at night, sanity problem solved).
  12. My thought on a different "Perk" mechanics to make her much more unique. General Perks: Negative stat penalty from sleeping is reduced to 50% While awake: * -4 sanity/min When Wesley Sleepington sleeps, she doesn't skip time. Instead, she spawns a "dreamer" entity on top of her physical form (basically her in dream/ghostly form) that she controls. The dreamer entity can take on one of three forms - Sweet, Normal, Nightmare - based on certain criterias (possibility listed much later). Stat gained/lost is applied upon waking. While in dream-form: * Gains night-vision (similar to Woodie's beaver form). * Will wake-up automatically at dawn. * Can "Wake-Up" early by left-clicking on Wesley's physical form. * Become "invisible" to night roaming mob. * Waking up always sets the time to dawn. * No sanity drain due to darkness (you're sleeping after all). * No inventory (inventory is with the sleeping Wesley). Wesley's dream form will have different abilities based on what dream form she took. Normal The most common dream type. In this form, Wesley's dream cannot effect the world. Enemies ignores her (since she technically not there in physical form), and nor can she harm any normal enemies. Generally, she's "detached" from the world and can explore it with very few restriction (her path is still blocked by normal object, sort of like her subconscious still resisting doing stuffs that don't make too much sense like walking through walls). However, there are things to watch out for/do beside exploration. Insanity Aura: Effect of insanity aura from mobs is increased by 50% (so, avoid hostile mobs, most importantly, avoid swamp). Flowers: All flower will start to glow. Wesley can "Pick" glowing flowers to gain 1 sanity per flower picked (flower "picked" don't turn into petals, instead they just stop glowing. So each flower gives 1 sanity per sleep). Firefly: Same as flower, except the action becomes "Chase". Chased firefly will disappear for the night, but grants 1 sanity. If Wesley's Sanity drops to <30, the dream will immediately becomes a Nightmare. Sweet A rare dream type. Wesley can get this dream if her Sanity is >80% when she goes to sleep. The probability of this dream happening is equal to how much she exceed the 80% sanity by. So at 81%, she has 1% chance of getting Sweet dream. At 90%, 10% chance. At 100%, 20% Chance. In sweet dream, Wesley's dream form will skip around instead of walking. Insanity aura has no effect on her. She can perform one of the following activity to certain items. Firefly "Waltz". The action will cause her avatar to dance among the firefly. This action can spawn 1~2 additional fireflies on screen. Flower "Frolic". Wesley will spin around on top of the flower. This action spawns 4~8 additional flowers around Wesley. Mushroom "Dance". Wesley will dance around the mushroom. This action cause a ring of mushroom to spawn (of random type). Mushrooms spawned in this type will become items after the dance is finished. All actions, on completion, will cause Wesley to wake up. Nightmare Nightmare occurs whenever Wesley's sanity drops to <30 while dreaming. Nightmare turns Wesley's dream form into a demonically looking version of Wesley with long claws. While in this form... * Wesley's health meter's and sanity meter's current value and max value is combined and turned into a nightmare meter. So if Wesley had 120/150 health and 10/200 sanity, her nightmare meter would be 130/350. * Insanity aura effect is halved. * Wesley's attack deals 60 damage. * Wesley's gains 60% damage reduction (since Wesley's armor doesn't carry over in her sleeping form, that's the only damage reduction she gets). * Damage dealt to Wesley is dealt to nightmare meter instead. * Wesley cannot "wake-up" early (have to wait till dawn). * Wesley will die if nightmare meter drops to 0. * Hallucination will continue to spawn as if your sanity is below 30. * Sanity gains from hallucination is applied to the nightmare meter. * Picking up nightmare fuel dropped will consume the nightmare fuel and add 10 to nightmare meter. * Upon waking, your health and sanity is set to the percentage of nightmare meter was at you had just before waking. So if your nightmare meter was at 175/350 (50%), your health would be at 75/150 (50%) and sanity at 100/200 (50%). Basically, once you reach Nightmare form. Your main goal should be to kill hallucinations and eat the nightmare fuel they drop to keep your nightmare meter up until you wake up.
  13. Hm... a few suggested tweaks.Instead of having urge to eat meat, perhaps give him a bonus for meat-based food and a penalty for plant-based food.Meat-based: +50% positive stat effect. -50% negative stat effect.Plant-based: -50% positive stat effect. +50% negative stat effect.As for webs, perhaps the following ability.Creates Sticky Webbing (same as those created by Spider Den) on the turf he's on. The webbing lasts for 2 seconds when he's no longer on the turf.-or-Webby has two additional craft items Web: Under "Refined". Crafting it produces a web and reduces hunger by 20 per use. It doesn't require any other material.Web Ball: Under "Fight". Craft 3 webs into 1 "Web Ball". Web Ball can be thrown to create a 3x3 turf wide area of Sticky Webbing creep.
  14. Werehounds

    Suddenly, I think of this.http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2010/12/10/Werewolves wearing top-hat, maybe a nice coat and cane.And a twist, instead of being more dangerous, they all rush toward you and then... just chat. They don't attack, but just sprout random "refined" phrases. However, their danger came from that they possesses fairly significant insanity aura.