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  1. I thought I had my server up and running (second one on the same machine, running at different times for different groups) but it reset itself after a week away. Any idea what might cause this? We played the first session for a couple of hours and all was well. Everybody left then I shut the server down using c_shutdown(). A week later I fire the server back up but it's not appearing in my Previously Visited list. I key in the server name specifically, find it, sign in, and it's like a brand new server. Day 1, no character progress, different map. We played through again but now I'm scared to open it because I fear it will be erased. Any idea what is causing this and whether I can fix it without having to restart? I suspect it has to do with the ports in the server.ini files and the cluster.ini file, as that bit still confuses me a little. Is there a list of suggested ports or will anything work so long as the correct ones match and don't match? Also, can I get a refresher on which ones need to match and not match if I want to have two different servers on the same machine and I DON'T want to run them simultaneously? Thank you all. EDIT: Also, what should be in the folder DoNotStarveTogetherDedicated? Before and after initial server startup.
  2. You create it with Notepad. Open a blank note file, copy the text, save it with that name in that place.
  3. When I click DOWNLOAD SETTINGS in step 6, the box that opens up is looking to open a file, not to save one. EDIT: I opened the link in a browser instead of the Steam browser and that fixed the issue. Also, am I correct in interpreting these instructions to mean that I install SteamCMD and follow the SteamCMD installation directions up to the point where I download/install a server app and then stop those instructions to resume these ones?