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  1. *yum yum*?? Looks like someone here also like Unspeakable Vault (of Doom) ^_^
  2. Well, at least Wilson is prepared for Carnival
  3. ahhhh so the secret of Wilson's hair is wearing/using curlers before sleep
  4. Ahhhh.. that absolutely made my day - specially Willow in SSW mode
  5. Omg! The one with Wolfgang as cook made me go hysterical the 1st time I read it - love it ^_^
  6. LOL Wilson will have one more reason to hate him now X-D and finding a book like that in the game would be a good (and sick) joke ^_^
  7. loved Woodie turning werebeaver while wearing a beaver... pppfftbbll - tongue-twisting here
  8. Omg Raven - Weird Sad Wes had a finesse all of its own. Woodie turned into axe psychopath was great the whole scene and the "Wearbeaver" pun - were I drinking something I would have a spit take - one of the most funny I ever read And poor Chester and Eyebone - they looked like they didn't fit into it at all X-D
  9. and a nice one indeed ^_^ I take RC is using some of the suggestions to make this story even funnier ^_^ Next is Woodie and Maxwell - what will they look like?
  10. OMG - Wickerbotton is... PERFECT! and the Merms as Deep Ones add the final touch ^_^
  11. Just woke up, imagination running free.. Wilson as a mad scientist (bloody white doctor uniform, headmirror included) Wolfgang as some weird Circus freak or animal (gorilla?) WX-78 - stick some extra arms and saws on him or make him as Terminator Wes... just imagined him as Jeff (from creepypasta) - that would be easy and scary too Wickerbotton as.. another witch? Just for giggles for her and Willow picking the same costume ^_^ Woodie.. get him in were-beaver shape (safe after his taming) and costume him as something (no idea of what at the moment) Maxwell.. well he'll just to the tricks, having a (very twisted) sense of humor
  12. Hmm if I'm not wrong its Exu, a RavenCrow's char that appeared some time ago (which Wilson disliked on sight and found him familiar)