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  1. Wladislaus the Undying

    Could you please be more specific? Do you have RoG? Does it crash when you start the world or when you enable it iin the mods section?
  2. Wladislaus the Undying

    Allright, fixed that in new version
  3. Version


    Behold Wladislaus the Undying ! He is a mighty vampire who has been tricked by Maxwell. His stats are : 125 Health 200 Sanity 150 Hunger Now, to the special abilities : He is more comfortable at night than at dight, so he will gain sanity when it's dark, and lose some in daylight. He gets hot very quickly because of his fragile skin. He needs blood to fill his hunger, so he is carnivore, and can eat monster meat. He can tame bats to help him fight or chop trees. When his life drops below 35, he transforms into a big bat, dropping his inventory. Being in bat form, he is granted nightvision, and is immune to sanity/wetness/hunger/health, but bloodlust comes in. The bloodlust will drain in time, and can only be filled by killing things, or eating meat on the ground, or living insects. If the bloodlust meter is filled , he will fall asleep and wake up as a vampire the next morning.The more things you will have killed while in bat form, the more stats you will have when you wake up. If you fail and the bloodlust meter drops down to 0, it's game over for you! When in batform, pigs will also attack on sight (and spiders will remain calm). Install : Download the "wladislaus.zip" file. Extract it to your "[...]/Steam/SteamApps/common/dont_starve/mods/" folder -or- Workshop link : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=515817535 I hope you enjoy it, please tell me if you think it is not balanced and which stats i should change. I may add some more to the character in time, but I'm not sure how/when yet. Here is what could be available in the future : Bugs to be fixed yet: -Character gets kinda off the ground when resurrected and gets quickly unplayable when moving. It is not fixed per say but it is playable, with running speed issues. To remove those, go in/exit a cave. -Screen edges like heat, ice or blood don't disappear because of entering bat form. Thanks to everyone who has helped me to get this character done and to the many resources available on the forums here !
  4. [Tutorial] Using Extended Sample Character Template

    Hi, is there any way to raise the anchor of the hat? I'm a bit stuck with a character, I already lowered his headbase etc but it's just too high and the character wears his hats beneath his eyebrows, I don't know what to do more...