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  1. maybe now and again crazy thunderstorms can accur, like how in the caves a bunch of rocks and stuff fall on the player, maybe the thunderstorms could consist of just a bunch of lightning striking all over the place, and the warning is a crash of thunder.
  2. heys guys, this mod is a real sensation! I'd love to become a part of the team. i'm fairly definate that im too late, but id be glad to help. ill admit that art isnt my forte(At least digital art) and im not at all a coder. man im not sounding too good am i? However, what i can help with is ideas,story,character quotes, and any other thing that requires writing. hope you guys could consider me. btw i do have a gmail in case thats neccesary.
  3. id be willing to try to make some sky and cloud textures, but do the textures need a particular format?
  4. hello, fellow dont starve lovers! I've recently been going for creating a custom character. The first step of coarse, is art. However, I want something that belongs in the style of dont starve, but I just can't seem to nail it. I feel as if the developers have been hiding their art style from us modders, and hope they can help at some point, if not perhaps someone on this forum can. thx 4 reading