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  1. Brim stares at the crank thing. "Ok...We got the crank thing...What else do when need, and have." She turns to P-01
  2. (Ok, see, I need some...refreshment. Well, not refresh, I never knew in the first place...)
  3. (Ok...just pretend I didn't say anything at all. Tiny snail armor...What is wrong with me.) DELETED
  4. (Ehhh...I read that before, kind of didn't specify tiny armor, whatever, sorry XD) Brim glares at Shel...uh, Jack. "Why do you need to know?" She challenges. "You brought us here, if you cared to do that, the least you can do is research our names." She snaps, playing with the grass on the floor.
  5. Brim goes back. "What the...Who..." WHen the snail comes she sees some armour, but quickly dismisses any thought of this. All these people... she thought, have powers. Useful ones, that can kill.
  6. "Maybe, like the others said, you shouldn't do that elemntal stuff..." She whispered, rubbing the dirt off of him.
  7. "Simon!" Brim yells, running to his aid. A Merm limps toward us. "Bastards!" She yells, kicking the thing sending it off in the directions of the dead merms. "Simon!" She says again, remembering she had found so healing glands, she quickly (Ok, I don't know how you put the spider glands on or in someone to heal the wound so...) pressed it on him. "Simon! Are you ok? Please, say something!" She put 3 more on him, then looks at his hands. Bloody and torn, she gasps, not knowing what to do. She sheepishly takes both into her own hand, trying to clear the blood with some water mud goop. Blood from her face spills onto his chest, but she franticly wipes it off. "Are you ok?" She says quietly.
  8. ( http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/few?s=t ) "You spend so much time alone, you have the time to learn a few things." She grumbles.
  9. Fury runs through her eyes "But..They...They...." Brim looked to the floor, knowing full well what those beasts can do, and did.
  10. Brim shakes her head, thinking, Didn't I tell you? She stays behind the pack, but then is overcome with anger. Merms. These are merms. Dang, I created one of these with some fish! She shook her head again, then slowly makes her way up to the nearest one. She turns her head to the side, then turning her body, kneeing the thing in the face, ducking, grabbing the next one's leg and kicking it, but while she was the third one slashed her face, drawing a large amount of blood, she screams in anger taking it by the arms and kicking it to the ground, she covers her face, and when she takes it down it looks like the hand is her wound, "Kill them OFF!" She says, face red, not only with blood but also with fury. All she can remember is the Merm she created.
  11. Brim stares at them, remembering they couldn't see what they could do with the droppings of this imbecile creature. She sighs, knowing it would be impolite to go against her companions and kill the thing herself. She stepped back, shaking her head at Dew's behavior toward the Scaly Idiot.
  12. Brim pushes Anthony back. "There was tentacles in goop, that we didn't see. What if these are like that aswell? Look decent, then bam! They..They become monsters. Although..." She looks at the creature sturdily. "Kill it." She says quietly. "It drops good food." She stares the creature in the eye, then falls her eyes to the floor, walking back a few steps away from..it.
  13. "Ok." Brim says to herself, walking behind Simon.