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  1. So for everyone who is as stupid as me. Just download the binary release and then using cmd, navigate to the folder you placed them in, and then "open" them.
  2. [Tutorial] Using Extended Sample Character Template

    hmm, how would we go about implementing pigtails? like Willow has? EDIT: figured it out
  3. so i know this thread is two years old, but i would love to help again
  4. Thank you very much, I just wrote the keys down and deleted, the mail. I was in the middle of the exams. You were very helpful, thanks.
  5. Hello, I own don't starve and have received two keys but i do not know how to use them, can anyone fill me in?
  6. [Artwork] Eye-Candyland

    I was just trying to capture the art style, I do know we already have a growing beanstalk.
  7. [Artwork] Eye-Candyland

    Aren't there any opinions on my previous post?
  8. [Artwork] Eye-Candyland

  9. [Artwork] Eye-Candyland

    Hello again, I do not know if any of you people are still active. You guys are probably all quite busy in your IRL lives, but I've been trying to learn coding and using a drawing tablet during the time I wasn't around here. So I think you could give me some chores.
  10. [Artwork] Eye-Candyland

    So there is no way I'm able to top MilleniumCount's art, but monday is my last exam and then I can order a drawing tablet.
  11. [Artwork] Eye-Candyland

    The problem is that an intuos3 is nowhere available for me (Belgium) and the bamboo fun is for sale at 100 euros and that's the max I can spend. EDIT: ok yours is available for 100 dollars but it should be shipped. Could everyone give me some advice please?
  12. [Artwork] Eye-Candyland

    yes that's what I thought. Anyway I'm not doing anymore drawing untill summer vacation. I've got to study for my finals if I do good enough I may even get an wacom bamboo fun m.
  13. [Artwork] Eye-Candyland

    already did them i think you'll like 'em
  14. [Artwork] Eye-Candyland

    WHoa people I was just gone for a couple of hours and there has been a bombaredment of things here. First off @Lord_Battal my drawings will work fine for your animations second I have bean (hehe) calling it the beangiant this whole time because I'm gonna do two or more eyes third @MilleniumCount that's real nice totally gonna use some off that.