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  1. I wrote somthing a while ago on how I think sanity works. All in all, I think this isn't insanity we're dealing with here. Now I think sanity is more connected to "Them" than it is Maxwell. There is something they see in a moment of weakness that draws them to the tired. On the otherhand, in the ruins they appear while sane, during a day-night-like cycle. This likely is a defense of sorts, to prevent you from seeing something they don't want you to see, but they can only appear in bursts of time, after mustering somthing.
  2. Have some Don't Starve rage comic assets! Now make something with them, someone. The things next to the staffs are their projectiles or effects.
  3. You wanted bad memes? You got one. Quite the cautionary tale, I do say.
  4. They look like lily pads to me.
  5. *there is 1 purple gem in this picture Found it.
  6. Vingw take your Tallbird

    Threads get weird when you look at the avatars as the literal people typing the posts.We got an Angry AradiaBotA Patrick Star posing as Wolf gang.A..a... I can't actually see what Rabbitfist's avatar is.And now Frowny Wilson.And now I suppose I dare ask the forbidden question, what is the purpose this thread?
  7. Here are two things I've not been able to figure out.1). What does the Ice Hound do? Does your temp drop after killing one or is it just an aesthetic difference? (Excluding the blue gem drop.)2). What does the Night Light do? It's expensive to make, expensive to fuel, and drains your sanity. Essentially, it has no use or upsides to it. (And before you say you can use it for going insane, there are much cheaper and better methods to doing that.)
  8. Actually, if you wait around a eggless nest with a Tall Bird guardian, you can witness them laying eggs. They look strange while doing it, similar to how one might look after relieving constipation.
  9. Freaking Lureplants

    Unless I'm mistaken, cooked Mandrake and Mandrake soup are the best healing items in the game, restoring 150 health, along with 100 hunger and the soup will give 5 sanity.The only problems with these are rarity, non-renewability, and the knock out effects. Mandrakes are grand in adventure mode, and will most likely save your butt multiple times, as they have mine, if you find any, that is. The biggest drawback to using mandrakes, in my opinion, is that they're too adorable. How could you bring yourself to kill one? The Deerclops eye only restores 60 health, 75 hunger, and you lose 15 sanity. Also, it's hard as hell to get in my opinion.Waffles restore 60 health, same as the eye, but less hunger (37.5) and give you 5 sanity.My favorite, easy to get, practical healing items are pierogis, restoring 40 health. (But not much hunger.(37.5)) They are made with an egg, a vegetable, a meat item, and a non-stick filler (Which can be another egg.).My source is the Don't Starve Wiki for the numbers.
  10. Your pocket's can carry significantly more than a backpack.When a Lure Plant dies, if you are unlucky, it's leafy meat can land next to an eye-thingy before it dies. This eye-thing can paradoxify the meat/eat it so you can't get it when it dies.