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  1. Better resolution sprites for everything that's a bit too old now, I'm thinking about the tiles specifically but there's others A late-game focused, base-building update : with new decorative structures like new rug tiles, statues, fountains and idk what else, bridge-building etc, imo it's easily made stuff (it's hard work of course, but there's no balance to work on, and the testing required is probably minimal). That would be used to add easily tens if not hundreds of hours worth of game for veteran players A way to discard items other than the lureplant Someone mentionned it but a rain-making item would be such a cool and useful loot for a new difficult boss, though that's not really QoL
  2. Hello, These teleportation clocks are a great addition and I think very appreciated from all players (though maybe a tad too easy to craft ? idk.) However, a way to label them would be appreciated ! The current method of using a sign for each clock doesnt feel satisfaying at all. Maybe a color code or something ? The idea I had in mind was maybe being able to use a feather pencil on them to write like if they were a sign, so when a character would examine them he would read what the player would have written like "BASE", or "PIG VILLAGE", or "SURPRISE".
  3. A base builder update with stuff like bridges, turfs from hamlet, more decors etc would be a pretty easy way to add endgame content that would solidify endgame players addiction imo
  4. Hello, So this is a issue I remember being there for a long time, so I'm sure some people have been reporting it already but I didn't see too much mentions of it. If you right-click during a loading, your right and left click actions in-game get swapped (or something similar, you cannot pick up items and only examine them instead). This is especially frustrating as it makes you unable to use some items, sometimes frenetically clicking can reset it to normal, but sometimes you need to disconnect and reconnect. This bug is fairly consistent, happens to me pretty often as I tend to alt-tab during loading and come back by clicking on the game. Hope that helps !
  5. I think skins have to be very different from one another to really make a difference for players. The idea of skins getting crafter/found is pretty cool, and the current system gives more options to get your own style. But i still love those set of skins more. Because they really put the character into a new context (making clear differentiation), they can get a bit more crazy (less options, but the choice matters more (but i think we're also gonna see more things so that could change)). Also for a lot of players of together, having more options is not really primordial because they're gonna play with a relatively small number of friends. Notice that i'm 100% for having both ! I just thought skins we're just gonna be "new" characters with the same code of the others and just a change in appearance, but I see Klei put more effort into it to give us a more complete system. So wait and see. Also, PLEASE GIVE US Dr JEKYLL/MISTER HYDE WOLFGANG
  6. Obviously, adding SW as DLC ROG-like is gonna be a lot of work of balancing and debugging. So I totally agree with Cyde042 and some others. This problem could be solved by placing an entrance/portal/wormhole, crafted or found, that would connect the "DS world" to "SW world". The biggest point is to be able to access all the content with one save. It is in my opinion a problem that can't stay unresolved, as a standalone edition would do. I'm guessing (but maybe I guess wrong, we didn't see a lot of the new content in SW after all) that the main problems with bringing SW to DS-ROG would be the implementation of the new mechanics and seasons that would interact (and probably cause problems) with the stuff (winter, giants....) that already exist in DS. It seems like this problem could be solved via a portal of some sort. The only thing that remains would be how new stuff would react in DS-ROG when brought via the portal, and how the old stuff would react in SW. There could be some balance problems. There's also DST. It would probably cause some issues to get SW content in Together if Klei decided to use a system of separated worlds like for the caves. But after all they are already working to get this problem solved with the caves. Since SW was started before DST I don't think compatibility with multiplayer was the most important goal anyway. I also see one last tiny problem, maybe Capy would like to get a bit more credit for their work, as in a standalone they would be able to display their name on the main screen. Maybe Capy could get their name on the main screen of the game, or maybe a short cinematic featuring Capy's logo could be played the first time we access the SW world. I don't really know, just thought it could be worth to remember that. Anyway I don't know what will Klei and Capy decide in the end, it's their game after all, but if they are attached to feedback from the community, well there are my thoughts.
  7. Alright, always nice to hear a studio taking feedback in consideration. Although the forum may not be really reflecting the opinion of the entire player base of the game, it seemed like everybody here was concerned by SW being standalone. I hope a good solution that satisfy everyone will be found !
  8. Ouch, this is a disappointment for me as well. 3 DS games, with all different content ? I have to choose with what content i want to play ? For DST I understand, the game is very different in his mechanics so you have to change or add different things to make i balanced and enjoyable. But 2 different single-player games ? That doesn't feel right at all, I don't want to miss half the content because it has been separated in two different games. The way it is, I don't see myself buying this game, because either one I'm playing I'll still miss the content of the other. "- Oh right I can't go on the water, and there's no wind, but that seemed so sweet ! I'll start a SW game" "- Oh there's no seasons here, right, and no giants, and where are my catcoons ? I miss them, I'll continue my save on the other game" I think I would just end by only half-playing my saves on the two games and lose interest.
  9. Maybe the simplest way is just to do an endgame if one of the players dies.
  10. It would be more funny to see other players trying to fight the air when their sanity is low
  11. Wow Klei. Wow. If I had money, I would definitely throw it at you. You are not only making good games, you are always listening to the community, you are just awesome !