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  1. he didn't have his skin gone, his face was clearly stripped bare to the bone, eyes plucked out too.
  2. actually, the man is alive until you examine him, he is rocking back and forth in the chair and whimpering. and i asked about the screecher transforming because of the wiki, it does make a good point, the faces are covered in the owl fur face thing, which could need to people to have their faces torn off first, and the list mentions two people as monster.
  3. is it true that the screechers are created from the faceless victims?, how did that man in the chair survive until you reached him?, what are they based off of?. what is the deal with them?.
  4. you are right, she is in her late 70s at least.
  5. Maxy has redeemed himself in my eyes.
  6. I collected none of the pages, and never saw the shambler, didn't try to speak to the woman, didn't touch the body of that old man and didn't even turn on the radio, the ending was slightly different, my flashlight was turned off when the group appeared, i still died though.
  7. Yep, I just broke the game, by not collecting that one note telling you not to look (or any notes at all) the guy never spawned until the ending, at which point obviously lots did. I didn't collect anything, examine anything at all except the packs i knew contained batteries, I never pushed that man in the chair, never tried to speak to that woman, never saw her face get eaten, never saw the shambler. I broke the game, an' aam prawd of eet. Play the game and you can see first hand....
  8. I'm gonna try to win with only the notes needed to get through the game (just the one at the start i think) and try to break the game, i see a huge oportunity for a glitch in the game right now....
  9. Someone needs to make a mod that adds the shambler into the normal game....
  10. I beat it, I got all 9 pages and was terrified the whole time. Well played clay, well played.
  11. I played some of it.... I'm scared.... Please leave me alone thing.... I didn't want to look at you, I just wanted to read the sign....
  12. Ah, i'm still on preview, fixing that now.