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  1. Who would win in a fight? 2839 tallbirds, or Mario with fire? If a Tallbird could not birth birds, would it chuck wood instead? Does the egg comes out of the eyes or from a unseen orifice? What is the location, if we imagine the tallbird as a 3d construct, of the pituary gland in the tallbird's mind? Ok, time to bring out the big guns. Considering the Tallbird's V4, an visiomotor-activated part of the brain located in the occipital lobe, can be compared to the one located in a human, what would be the main explanation for it being activated less when Wilson moves in circles around them, that when they need to lay an egg? In the same spirit, why would the cells in the V1 be activated faster, and longer? If we cut the adrenocorticotropic alimentation in the secondary hormone cycle (starting from the hypothalamus, going to the pituiary gland), what will be the final effect on the cortizone level in the hypothalamus, considering that more than a week has passed? (once again, in a tallbird brain that would fonction as a human would) If we injected radioactive isotopes of lowly radioactive material into a Tallbird's brain and then forced him to watch a rotatory image, once we would cut his brain, would the circles of the irridiated brain be : A: Concentric, bigger outwards B: Concentric, smaller outwards C: Small and randomly places D: Actually randomly distrubuted in a linear pattern along the MT and VT. If we consider that a Tallbird is capable of mouvement, and moves faster at 60fps per second, are we simply observed sacaded movement known as the Phi effect, or rather actual mouvement? A tallbird has a soul, according to you. However, even the famous ''I think so I am'' philosophical proof of a soul necessitates a benevolent diety un-capable of affecting free will. Is Maxwell considered a diety, and whatever the awnser, explain his reasons for allowing free will. A tallbird in it's last years of old age will naturally seek to contribute to the community or may face depression. Explain how Tallbirds can contribute and feel valued despite killing every single smallbird they see by starving them? A Teenbird is going trough a transitionnal phase and an important shift of hormones. Considering the Tallbird lacks gonadic horomes generators in it's surrenal glands, where are they located instead? The Tallbird heart is composed of 4 venticules. How fast can they pump blood? The Tallbird is covered in fur/feathers. How many licks does it take to clean Wilson's blood of them? And finnaly... If a Tallbird on an electric train and a Teenbird riding on a minecraft boat were to depart from 150km appart, then board a plane, cross the road and then go 4 identical mansions with a man that lies and the other that always tells the truth, then who came first, the Tallbird egg or the Tallbird?
  2. How many tallbirds does it take to screw in a lightbulb? The ancient guardian killed my smallish tallbird. What fate should I reserve for that maniac? How many hairs is there on a tallbird? If I eat a tallbird egg, will a tallbird grow in my stomach? Bla bla bla tallbird bla bla tallbird bla bla bla bla?
  3. Version 1.0


    Never tested with base game, might crash or simply give RoG changes to adventure mode. This makes Adventure mode Light's out, simply. You can and will spawn with no light in some scenarios. It's recommended to spawn yourself a single torch in your first world for it to be a fair fight. Have fun, and post here once you complete it! Wes is worth 3 points, everyone else 2, and maxwell 1. HOW TO INSTALL : Simply unpack in Programfiles/Steam/Steamapps/common/don't_starve/mods PS : Seeking someone to make an icon, prettyplz.
  4. *Day 8* Chop chop chop, I am Wilson, chopper of trees... (dang why do I need so much wood in this game) Huh?? Is that a tree uprooting itself? Why is it comming towards me? Why is it lifting it's arms? -blerg-
  5. Very nice base guys! I like your beefalo farm!
  6. I had to show up my new base. My goal was to make it functionnal, not too big, and yet stylish. I put spoilers to avoid too much images. Mods and info : Architechtural geometry, always on status. Simply Default+ world with boons to max and spontaneous fire to none, loop to max. The main entrance : Chest, 2 types of fires, research station + a workstation (You can see my nets were there to catch butterflies but winter just settled in, and also 2 lamps to remind me to go to caves). Also notice the ton of tentacles spikes... and I am not done bringing them back. Chest are classed in order from : Wood, ores, mob drops, special turfs, rare objects and 2 unique objects chests. In the front, a small wood porch with a lot of forest turf I had to dig up after burning this forest. You can't see it. Road is single-lined in gold because I just started doing this and the way to the pig king is LONG. The magic shoppe and equipement room: A small equipement room to the left I try to keep organised with tons of hats. I plan to add a ton of blow darts very shortly. The magic shoppe is plain to see ; Completed things on the wood, books, all the amulets. Raw materials on the marble, and decorative stuff on the ground. Bonus statue and soon to come : more ferns. Shadow manipulator will eventually be re-placed in the exact middle. PS: The stack of tentacles spots is a FULL ONE. Full disclosure : Had to use debugspawn to spawn 2 walls here because I could not place them for some unknown reason. Still hate myself for that. Basic survival plantation + Extra kitchen: Very simple basic plantation with 30 sticks and 40 grass, some berry bushes (I don't like them) and a very well placed flingo. To the left, a simple extra kitchen that's often empty, bar for jerkying. Still unsure where to place that damn bird cage. Farm: Thinking about expanding. I made this only to farm carrots for bunnymen since I find farming to be long and not that much paying unless you only do that (IMO). Includes seed fridge. Garden: Unfortunately not finished by this winter. Architechtural geometry make planting flower a chore since I can plant team nearly next to eachother with no problem. What you see is about 50 flowers and Il need about 150~200. Il also need a Lean-to. Panic area: Kept simple. Marble suit in the middle, usually with a tentacle spike, but I lost it. Reeds: An extra you din't need to see, but will regardless. Look at this SECOND pile of loot. (there is more that is already at base) I really like this one compared to my last ones. I do admit AG helps a ton. Also I am looking for eventual same-minded people that will want to build a gigantic city with me in DST. I show this off to show how i'll work, and because I worked hard on it. Comment ***** here. Don't hold back.
  7. What are the tallbirds favorite song? Does nurturing a smallbird until he becomes a tallbird produces a nest? Can I feed a smallbird the meat from his mother ?(I swear I totally din't use my dark sword on the mother. She died by... uh... eating rot.) Is there an Haiku about the tallbirds? Where do tallbirds hide their legs before they go to sleep? An tallbird is going 23 km/h on a road following a Wilson. Wilson uses 10 beefalos in heat to intercept the Tallbird. How many Beefalo die before the Tallbird dies? How many birds would a Tallbird birth if a tallbird could birth birds? Three Tallbirds are guarding a labyrinth, and each is standing near a door. You know there is only one door that is safe. One always say the truth, one always lies, and the other always kicks you in the balls. What should you do? A pig ate my egg as it started ; besides a giant fire, what is the best way to make sure said pig dies an horrible death?
  8. Many questions. How many tallbirds does it take to screw a light bulb in? How tall is a tallbird, in Kilometers? Why don't tallbirds overheat, even if they are so fluffy? What does a Tallbird eat? A average sized Sisyphus is rolling a sleeping tallbird up his mountain. Considering the erosion pattern of the soil under the tallbird, how many trips would it take for the tallbird to stay stable once rolled at the top? How many licks does it takes to get to a tallbird' center?
  9. Fourth world. I usually did 80 days on each world, got a houndius, brought it to the new world and tried a base configurations for the fun of it. I left behind an excellent map because of the lobster overpopulation. They actually caused the extinction of my beefalos! (I am to blame too...) Anyway, this is my nicest base yet and my permanent one until DST, where I plan to play Maxwell exclusively. Main area with the farm, food, and ressources to the left, and the chests and utilities to the right. Since my playstyle is always the same I have a ton of items left to craft. The right bottom side is ugly and needs reorganisation, but I always fear hammering down a meat effigy ; Il wait until I die to style it back up. Chests are full of things, but my collection of green gems (9) is the most impressive. Under the main area, we have my garden and/or wing buffet, and once per new moon it's also a insanity machine. I love butterflies for their high healing factor and the occasionnal butter. Not shown, to the left again, there is a cluster of beehives with their own flowerfield. Note the useless nightmare light! (I don't like going insane... so my nightmare fuel reserves are low) To the right, my tool storage room. It's very very often empty since I usually put everything in chester but he had died lately and I forgot to feed him back everything he usually holds for me. I am planning to expand but I am not sure with what. To the right of the main area, the hound arena. Unfortunately, I had 3 houndius and a guardian's horn when I entered the world, but the first houndius died to a frog rain (Q_Q). My biggest fear now is the Bearger or Deerclops ravaging my turrets before I can place the next one (Lacking a deerclops eye due to making the eyebrella). Planning to expand too along the bottom, not sure with what. Biggest problem so far is my lack of rocks. My field is 75% exhausted and I don't wanna risk a dragonfly or red hound setting everything in fire (My poor garden- I would cry!) so I don't want to use wood walls. Otherwise, getting bored of Wilson, but I honestly fear all other caracthers, and WX seems cheap. I am lacking Wes due to being unfortunate in my last 3 adventure runs. I play with the display mod, and with short summer/no sudden fires/ because I really disliked it when I started this world. I still dislike the random fires. Edit ; Oh and flare2v, I frankly admire your skill at this game, especially with the current lights out challenge, you crazyman!