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  1. Starting Of A Lets Play!!

    Second video. Its goes badly and I do get mad.
  2. Starting Of A Lets Play!!

    I think I did reduce the mic volume in my computer settings because I was having problems with the mic picking up static. I've changed the jack to the front of the computer in order get rid of that so I guess I should change microphone options and I'll be sorted. Thanks for the support man appreciate it
  3. Starting Of A Lets Play!!

    Hmm as in raising the microphone volume or changing how it records the sound input?
  4. Starting Of A Lets Play!!

    Tell me guys what you think and how I could improve the videos satisfaction ect!EP1 : EP2 :
  5. Post your youtube account

    123 subscribers over 212 videos. Terrible:P
  6. Quick video which is a good tip for beginners
  7. A guide on how to kill beefalo(buffalo) correctly!

    Yeah I always forget to empty my inventory before going to kill anything. Especially with rabbits and then forget to murder them after picking them up from traps its so annoying. I wish you could have a backpack in a backpack in a backpack... Backpackception
  8. A guide on how to kill beefalo(buffalo) correctly!

    Could just be a bug or a rare occurrence. Thought it was weird at the time. Was surprised with the second not getting bored easily. Should of used a buffalo horn to try lure one of them away.
  9. In the video below I show you how to attack beefalo without losing too much or any health.
  10. Post your youtube account

    Thought I'd make a thread to allow other youtubes to know other youtubes in order to allow them to collab and such.This thread will allow users to have extra exposure to their youtube channel.Post your youtube channel below and information about the videos you make.
  11. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    Would you be able to create or link me to a thread which tells me the basics of creating a mod for dont starve