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  1. Hey my friend! Thank you!! As I made this a long time ago I'm not quite sure of the total time I took to finish, but as it's a relatively big scene with a lot of props and characters, I think that maybe.... 20 or 30 hours? I'm not a fast 3d modeler and there's also the UV mapping that takes a looog time, and then the textures... I can't say for sure haha But thanks for the compliments!!
  2. Oh hey thanks! I discovered this lowpoly style in the contest (it was a rule, the scene had to have models with a low quantity of polygons and textures with low resoution) and I really liked the result. Now I'm 3d modeling agan after some months of not doing it, and i'm making a scene using this style again! But it's not don't starve related, so.... haha
  3. I'm so sorry! Now I remember! I have a crappy memory... I should've seen my previous posts... ): So this needs to be deleted? Oh hey! I don't mind at all! Thanks for the compliment! Thank you dude! I worked hard on this. If I remember correctly the theme of the contest was to make a diorama on a videogame, and I needed to be lowpoly, so it was really hard to work in the details with low polygon count and low texture resolution! So is resharing a thing? Isn't it forbidden? Now that I saw that I posted it here a year ago, i'm afraid that i'll have to delete the post, if there's any rule against it.
  4. Hey everyone! A while back (probably one year ago or so) I made a 3D Don't Starve scene, or "diorama" for a contest. I just found it and I had completely forgotten about it. I don't even remember if I posted it here back then. Anyway, click on the image for you to see it in fully 3d! I recommend First Person Mode (click on the little eye button). Let me know what you guys think!
  5. Hey Trentominous! Thanks for the compliment. And yes, there is a way. I actually modeled it all separated, object by object. For example: Pig house Pigman Tree Spider Flower Chest Bird Wilson
  6. Oh wow sorry, I never noticed this. Maybe I could help, I don't know... as a game design student I have a lot of things to do, even during my vacation haha. What would I need to do?
  7. Hey guys! I don't know if it's relevant but I updated the diorama with a minor fix on a mesh that wasn't rendering as I intended.
  8. Oh wow! Thanks JoeW!It's great to hear from you guys, it really makes me want to make better projects!I can't wait for the next competition on Polycount!
  9. Haha yeah, that reminds me of animal crossing too! Maybe it's the trees? haha
  10. Thanks for the great feedback!I don't think i'll get even close to winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd place on the contest because people at polycount really kick ass, they make some serious 3D stuff there.They made some other great dioramas... these three are my favorites, and they'll probably win:The secret of monkey island (Never played the game but this diorama was amazingly well done) Wars Dual Strike (love that game too!)
  11. What's up guys! I just made this Don't Starve diorama to a contest on a CG Forum called Polycount. The contest is the VG REMIX contest where we had to make a diorama of a game we liked, but it had to be lowpoly (3d models with a low number of polygons and textures with a low resolution. Imagine a PSX game). And I chose Don't Starve because man, it's a game I came to love so much! I got very addicted to it really fast when I started playing. Anyway. Here's the link to the diorama Sketchfab page, where you can check it out in 3d, on your browser! Don't Starve - Diorama (click to view in 3D) Left mouse button rotates, scroll zooms and middle mouse button pans, for those of you who are not familiarized :livid:with 3d. And here's the submission page on polycount forum: Aaand my work in progress thread on the same forum: We had until today to post the final entry, so I had to rush to finish my diorama. That's too bad because even though the essentials are there, I couldn't polish some models and textures! I was gonna try to make a better composition. That sucks, but anyway... Please, let me know what you guys think about it. I'd love to hear from you. And please, spread the love, share it with your friends!