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    It works now But the recipes don't seem to be correct if you use this mod while also using the tiny alchemy powers mod :c
  2. I put my food in the freezer but it doesn't become frozen... It doesn't seem to spoil, but I don't have to wait for it to thaw and that seems kinda unbalanced
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    I can't milk the beefalos. The milking option isn't showing up :c
  4. Chapter 4Night came and they set camp in a clearing, in the middle of a forest. It was perfect. They had space and the protection the trees provided. They had killed a few, what they call, rabbits on their way, so now they had food. I, evidently, knew the real name of those insignificant rodents. They are called jackalopes. They’re identical to rabbits, but have small antlers growing out of their head. They’re relatively small, but they give good amounts of meat. Anyway, Wilson and Willow were sitting around the campfire cooking the food they had picked. Wilson was still questioning himself about Willow. Willow, seeing the concern in Wilson’s eyes, decided to ask.“What’s troubling your mind?”“Nothing you should concern yourself with…” he answered. He turned around and fell asleep.Morning came, and with it the will of figuring out a way of escaping that god forgotten world. They decided to assemble a machine Wilson had found in a book before being trapped by me. Says the book that the machine as the power to transport someone to another world. He had seen a part of that machine in a hill, before finding Willow. He forgot where the hill was, but they decided to head West. They were walking for no more than an hour when reached an area of great danger: the swamp. They didn’t know what to do… Should they try to run across it or should go around it? “I think you should go for it!” I said, appearing right next to them.“You?!?” they said, in chorus“Yes me! And you should hurry. Night’s almost here and Charlie gets very playful at night time!” I said, right before vanishing into the ground.“You bastard” Willow said, but I had already disappeared “If we want to get to a safe place to spend the night we should get going” Wilson said, trying to calm her down“Okay” She saidThey started to run, dodging the tentacles that emerged from the ground. Wilson looked right and saw an almost destroyed pig house. “We can spend the night there” He said pointing at the grass around the house.They were getting closer when, suddenly, the door of the pig house opened, but the creature exiting the house wasn’t a pig… It was some sort of mutants. It was similar to the pigs, but it was green and had gills on the side of its head. It was coming their way. Wilson started to run, followed by Willow. The creature was fast, but they were faster. They lost him, but now they were in the middle of the swamp, and had to build a fire because night was coming. “We have to stop” Wilson informed“Why’s that?” Willow asked perplexed“Because night’s coming and we have to make a fire”“No we don’t…” she said with a mysterious smileWhat do you mea…?” He was interruptedWillow was no longer a human being. She was a human torch. “Follow me” she saidThey dodged mosquitos, frogs and tentacles and, eventually, managed to get out of the swamp. Just in time to see the sun rise. They were safe, for now…Please give some feedback !
  5. Anybody ? If you want me to post more of this story, just reply to this and I will post it
  6. If you want more just let me know
  7. Chapter 3They decided that two people had better chances of surviving than one, so they teamed up, just as I wanted them to do. Wilson and Willow spent half an hour talking, but suddenly he froze. He stopped walking and stopped talking. Willow noticed what was happening and ran back to Wilson. He was pale and looked scared. He lift his arm and pointed at a faraway mountain. Except that wasn’t a mountain. Mountains don’t have horns, hoofs or a giant eye in the middle of its face. It was moving! It was a living being and it was heading their way. They had to move, but Wilson wasn’t walking, and she was too weak to carry him, so she did the only thing she could think of. She burned his hand. He screamed, slowly looked at his hand and then at Willow. “Sorry” she said“It’s okay. It worked!” he said with a smile in his face“We have to go” she saidHe nodded, agreeing with her. They had to go, unless they wanted to be squashed by a giant walking mountain. The beast was called Deerclops. It has the power to destroy everything that stands in its way. They started to run as fast as they could, but it wasn’t fast enough. It was getting closer… Suddenly Willow had an idea. She grabbed Wilson’s arm and ran to the forest.“Why did you do that?” Wilson asked with a confused face“Wait a second! And stay behind me…” Willow said with little flames in her eyesWilson did what she ordered. Without warning whatsoever she ignited herself on fire completely and, surprisingly, without harming herself. How can she do that?! –Wilson thought – She has some strange powers…She started to catch on fire any nearby trees, thereby creating an impenetrable wall of fire. They were safe, at least until the fire catches them. Deerclops turned around and disappeared. Willow ran into the fire and, somehow, “absorbed” the fire. Wilson was stupefied! It had worked. Without even thinking he ran to Willow and hugged her. She pushed him away from her.“What was that for?” Wilson said“Y-you hugged me…” Willow said with a scared voice“And?!” he said looking at Willow“Don’t ever do that again!” she ordered looking awayHe obeyed without questioning. She obviously had some troubles. Of course I knew the cause to this situation. Poor girl… It must have been hard on her to lose her parents like that. Of course I have the lost the ability to feel anything but pain in a long time.
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