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  1. She is adorable! I love the concept and the art especially.
  2. Here's my go! Just an old character I had lying around. Don't Starve fan characters needed more pudgy ladies. I was a bit too lazy to actually put this on a screen template.ADRIAThe Bugbear"Did you have a pleasant dream?"* Can hibernate* Carnivore* When you're the nightmare, what's left to fear?* Has the right to bear arms- Hibernation perk (improved cold tolerance, especially when sleeping, no hunger loss when sleeping, but MUST sleep winter nights or will suffer extreme loss of sanity and hunger)- Gains less sustenance from non-meats- Slower sanity loss, but lower max sanity- Can eat nightmare fuel to completely restore health, while reducing sanity to 10%- Runs at .75% normal speed (all that storing for hibernation slows her down)- Bugbear arms give a weak unarmed melee attackI'll probably do a self-insert later, just for fun.