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  1. An Update on Don’t Starve

    1) Punctuation is your friend, dude. 2) Cave walls? How many updates are you behind? =Smidge=
  2. Saving twigs? I use twigs as firepit fuel. If you're smart and relocated a bunch of saplings to a convenient area and pick them whenever you get a chance you'll have twigs for miles. Plus, chop for chop, luxury axes use fewer twigs than flint ones (actually no, I just checked and it's 1:1 - still, you would have more time to find more twigs)... so if twigs are in short supply then you still want the luxury version. =Smidge=
  3. Show us your camp!

    I haven't found a Honey Nugget recipe that broke even on hunger restoration versus the individual ingredients, so unless health is the main goal, nuggets are a net loss. Better cook up some Dragonpies instead! =Smidge=
  4. Show us your camp!

    It's not much, but it's home. Just off screen to the upper right is the winterometer and rainometer, which are useless so I put them out off the way along with the divining rod - all of which I've crafted just for the sake of completeness. About one screen's distance to the right is the "panic room" area - a fire pit with a patch of ~30 tooth traps next to it. Just far enough away that red hounds don't set fire to my grass. Off to the left is three plots of 40 trees which I gnaw through every full moon (mature trees only!). Those seven chests by the birdcage are all totally full of logs! Oddly enough, I very rarely pick the berry bushes. They were an important resource until I got my bees set up, now I'm basically living off of honey hams trying to use them up before they spoil. I need more drying racks... =Smidge=
  5. Do You Like The New Forums?

    The colors/contrast hurt my eyes :/ Too bad the only alternative is the mobile version - better contrast but the functionality is... well... it's a website for viewing on a device that's too underpowered and too small to view websites! Functionally it's a step up, though, even if I really don't care for WYSIWYG editors and the excessive Javascript. =Smidge=
  6. Rethink camping

    Yes. It's totally possible to make a fire without flint, using only bits of wood.Conceivably, as a player you are using either the hand drill or "fire plow" methods.=Smidge=
  7. Most Annoying Monster To Fight?

    It's your own damn fault for picking it up though, ain't it? And they're plenty easy to kill; just dig them up during the day.=Smidge=
  8. Most Annoying Monster To Fight?

    I take it back... Splumonkeys by FAR the most annoying. If it wasn't the only place to get light bulbs and orange gems I'd never go into a cave again...=Smidge=
  9. Most Annoying Monster To Fight?

    I discovered that chasing MacTusk & Son into a tentacle/reed trap set is an effective way to dispose of them, which is great because they don't attack while being chased and you keep moving so the hounds can't get you either.So now the most annoying is the Mer-men. They are extremely aggressive and extremely tenacious, and their kiting attack AI makes them harder to fight.=Smidge=
  10. Running around and found this on day 7. Looks like something seasonal. Couldn't find anything on the wiki so I thought maybe I'd ask here... what's the deal and is it worth waiting around for?=Smidge=
  11. The frog rain that occurs in adventure mode would be "fun" to have as a rare event in sandbox mode.Hail, which is similar to rain but occasionally spawns ice chunks that can be collected and made into ice blocks, which allow food to be stored in normal chests with a slight bonus to food spoilage rates for any edible items in the same chest. Similar to an ice box but not as powerful and not as permanent as the ice melts. (Actually, maybe the whole ice thing can be an entirely separate suggestion - craft a saw and harvest ice from frozen ponds!)Anyway, the hail would cause damage to all characters EXCEPT WX-78, who takes damage from normal rain. Umbrella protection would still apply of course. WX wold get a nice metallic "dink" sound effect instead :)Tornadoes that occasionally dance across savanna and rocky biomes, picking up trees, rocks, beefalo etc. (players too, of course) and depositing them elsewhere on the map. Tornadoes and hail go well together... maybe one as a prelude to the other. Anything with an inventory has a chance to have items in that inventory removed and scattered, similar to frog attacks... so players, chests, lureplants etc.Heat wave. Chance that, for a few days in summer, temperatures soar and plant growth stops. Crops have a slight chance to fail outright. Chance of getting heat stroke if the player is not wearing a hat (straw hat OK!) or using an umbrella during the day - hallucinations, hunger penalty and chance of passing out until dusk. WX-78 would overheat for the same effect. Heat wave would be shown on the day clock as specially colored segments.And I came here to suggest floods and I'm glad to see it covered. Maybe a whole flood plain biome that gets underwater for a few days every spring, but once the waters recede you get a growth bonus on that land until next winter rolls in... the logic being that flood plains are exceptionally fertile thanks to the fresh deposits of sediment. Of course anything planted in the flood plain when the waters come will be washed away. :twisted:Water would work like darkness, in that it gradually gets deeper the farther you get from the edge (sprites "sinking" into the water for effect). Once it's a certain depth any items/plantings are lost and the player will end up taking damage from drowning not unlike taking damage from the grue in total darkness. Wormholes that get submerged become whirlpools and act as one-way wormholes until the flood recedes. Whirlpools, of course, pull you in if you get too close.::End braindump::=Smidge=
  12. What's this? (Unknown set piece)

    That's a delightfully odd bug indeed, if that's the case. The spots form an almost perfect diamond pattern. It really suggests that something might pop up there under the right conditions! More specifically, day 7 of the current world... which is the 8th world since I started. In total I've been playing about 70 days worth. Just thought I'd mention the day so it'd be clear what season it was... though I did happen to grab the hat off of that skeleton just before the screenshot was taken. =Smidge=