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  1. this mod already exist in STEAM With a cool image, even
  2. could be them, could be a simple minion, its hard to tell, thats why i´m so intrigued
  3. Plain and simple things, without reason or purpose, are seen commonly in real life, when i play something, i want something more exciting and challenging that "they are doing it for the lols", im more akin to Maximun 124, but thanks anyway, its a possilility, after all
  4. Of course, i just want to know theories, what the people think, and trying to make a puzzle, or just watch possibilities that i alone havent thinked yet and, in answer to lord battal.... I sincerely hope it is some kind of experiment, or just need a human host to something, or to enter our world or, i dont know, a motivation, just for entertainment will be..... a little disappointing for me.
  5. Cool, but then.... who are they, and what do you think they want?
  6. I was thinking in maxwell quotes from the final chapter, in the nightmare throne, in this, to be more precise: "Or maybe They've grown tired of me." "Heh. Took them long enough." "They'll show you terrible, beautiful things." "It's best not to fight it." "There wasn't much here when I showed up." "Just dust. And the Void. And Them." "I've learned so much since then. I've built so much." "But even a King is bound to the board." "You can't change the rules of the game." "I don't know what they want. They... they just watch." "Unless you get too close... Then..." "Well, there's a reason I stay so dapper." "What year is it out there? Time moves differently here." "Go on, stay a while. Keep us company.""They" or "Them" are beings of terrible and unfathomable power, beings who are best not to fight.... They just watch, (unless you get too close in your shadow control capabilities, and they ****** you), only watch, day and night.... And then, i watch this video here And i watch a dark observer watching.... an observer i already know too well, when my characters go insane, (second number 00:45) we can se another one in the william carter puzzle number 6, and another one in the pics of maxwell´s house. Sometimes, we can see them even while sane: I think they are the beings who retain maxwell captive, the source of all the "allucinations" (we already now oficially that the allucinations are real beings and not allucinations at all, not only because they can move the webs of a spider den and alert the spiders even when you are far, but because a totally official phrase says: "Low sanity is not fatal, but strange creatures from another time and place are attracted to madness." And, we can craft things with the substance of their bodies) They are watching in every moment not only maxwell, but everyone in his realm, that maxwell built for them, even if normally we can only see them at low sanity (normally, sometimes we can see them sane) What do you think? You believe the same as I ? What do you think is its real purpose? Why only watch, if you have power for create or destroy almost everything? I´m open for all kind of theories, critics or just opinions.