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  1. I died from an eyeplant hiding behind a tree Edit: it was on day 157 i think
  2. Good Video game music

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EHVoNcG5Dg The Intro music to Kingdom Hearts 2 (My favorite game of all time) I got to mention this to, it's just so good
  3. I can agree with the gears being rare but i find that marsh areas are pretty common which can sometimes be annoying when i am trying to find a area with rocks (cant remember the name of the area)
  4. Maxwell Q and A

    Maxwell why did you make adventure mode so hard. i want to play as you
  5. The PS4 version of DS is probally gonna have Thropies which is basiclly the same thing as achievements
  6. Papyrus ?

    Necroing FTW?
  7. I agree with tehMugwump, a moderator should be helping people/keeping an eye on things not making friends only if they want to but if they want to be behind the scenes and just watch us i say we let them
  8. Just download the steam version with your CD-key
  9. Freaking Lureplants

    I hate lureplants, i died from one on my best world. i had like 5 hp left and needed som wood and the only tree that was nearby was near an eyeplant, so tried to chop down the tree but the eyeplant attacked me through the tree Damn those lureplants
  10. You gotta love this

    I'm gonna try that when winter comes
  11. You gotta love this

    Sooo... the MacTusk's won't attack each other?
  12. I just stared a new world and the first thing i find is 3 walruss camps right next each other. Luckily for me it's still summer. I hate MacTusk. I don't know about you guys but i think he's really annoying to fight and don't think i can handle 3 of them
  13. Show us your camp!

    I like to keep everything organized. I just wished i could rotate farms so they where facing the wall
  14. Show us your camp!

    This is my camp. I hate it, it looks so ugly