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  1. One day i will become famous like myco and willette but that's a thing of the future! also again nice art
  2. (Who said I didn't make a chair and my father is okay )
  3. "I fall asleep in my chair*(I gotta go for a few minutes found out my father broke his wrist)
  4. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?23001-Slots-available-My-Very-Own-Role-play-Thread-(The-comeback)/page48This is where we left of
  5. (Muffy said she's busy can someone give her a link or something?)
  6. (All we did we're talk about how Warrick didn't want me to blow his house with science i didn't read it all cause i took a nap at 1:00 est also something about base of operations