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  1. If they do, they are clearly entitled to their completely ridiculous opinion, and we will be more than happy to take them into the woods and knock some sense into them embrace them fully. Once they've come to their senses.
  2. Building on Simplex's idea, what if earlier recipes produced more tea for the cost.
  3. Although I've been gone for a bit and am not really up to date in terms of what's been scrapped or added, I'd like to chip in and say that I really like both methods, and add the suggestion of one of the crystal types to be used as the heat source. (Last I remember, there was some discussion floating around about different variations of the crystals, one of them possibly emitting heat.) If static is to be used, then the crystals could be charged by it (or a metal object beneath the kettle/the kettle itself could simply attract the electricity), or perhaps even a drop from the thunder trees could be required for crafting it. Edit: @yams4lunch : Arctic beat me to the punch. On top of what he's mentioned, I'd also like to ask that if the art is related to a new idea, head over to the suggestions thread and post it there for discussion. (This is so we can keep this thread tidy and related to projects we've already agreed would be a good fit.) If you'd like to add some art for things that are already in progress, however, we'd love to see it here. Welcome to the forums!
  4. I didn't suggest that it would only apply to a specific biome, it was a general idea I was adding.
  5. Right, which is why I'm still unsure about the whole thing.
  6. I would simply prefer a heavy armor such as the marble suit to have the effect of making the player sink, and possibly fall through the clouds. I was wondering if it would be viable at first due to the resource cost, but I imagine plenty of marble will be available on level 3. Edit: Also, I thought adding something like a windbreaker jacket, could allow for protection from wind (if we go with something to that effect), and still reserve the sinking effect for the marble.
  7. I agree, there's a major difference. The effect of bumping the player off course, in my view of it, isn't intended to provide a challenge or a threat; it's simply to add immersion to the biome. The player may not bother exploring the level if they don't have a way to protect themselves, but I don't see how they would explore the level if their only protection method is a wall either. An armor, like you suggested earlier, could resolve this; but I disagree with it being the marble suit. There are plans to add at least one set of armor clothes, as far as I know, so perhaps the effect could be added to this instead. I wouldn't be against this if these winds that could blow the player off the side were a randomized effect that occurred on occasion, or if there was a visible area of churning air that would knock the player off by stepping into it; I'm against this being a permanent effect across the entire biome with only walls being the viable protection.
  8. You're right, a lot of stuff is fatal if you're not careful, but most of that stuff is related to creatures; and aside from darkness and temperature there isn't much environmental threat to be had. I agree with you that the game is about exploration and preperation, and I have a lengthy post somewhere on these forums that details my thoughts on why/how the game should be made difficult; but having a mechanic that is intended to be avoided by building walls will encourage that player to make a fort and play defensively. If this game is truely about exploration, then doesn't that go against the concept? As for marble armor, I'd probably like it more if you sank down through the clouds due to its weight. Edit: Can't type today apparently.
  9. It was supposed to be a secret! NO CAKE FOR YOU! But yeah that's what I was hoping for. Edit: I think level 1 would be best, perhaps non-specific towards any biome in particular.
  10. I agree, hopefully we've already got a silly joke in store for the hounds! Though a 3 hound cerberus would be pretty awesome.
  11. Hm, why does that sound familiar? Aside from the wind, falling marble, or things from other areas, would be a fantastic way to bring levels 2 and 3 together, while providing an added threat. I like it.
  12. I agree, though I think the effect would only really be appropriate for the hurricane/storm biomes to make it feel windy. As for it blowing walls and other structures around, would it be possible to ensure that it effects only player created structures? I would worry about the things designed for the level being torn apart. Granted, it's supposed to be a windy biome, but I imagine some things need to be stationary. For those that will build a base regardless, this could very well encourage movement. Definitely something to think about.
  13. I disagree with this. Giving people a reason to build walls to avoid a death, to me, seems like it would heavily encourage players to build a fort. Strong winds blowing things around might be interesting to give some annoyance to the player, and make the biome feel more chaotic, but I don't think it should be outwardly fatal. Edit: Example - Player is bumped off course by a few spaces when running, or slides a little when standing still.
  14. Knowing that the snow biome isn't to be the default biome for level 1, you have put my concerns to rest Lifemare. I'm not sure why I believed it would be this way, but I get confused easily sometimes, so I'm glad to see that this isn't the case. Of course, some things do need discussion still, but that's to be expected. I say we get a firm idea of everyone's thoughts on the basic framework for the levels. That being said, I'm happy with this layout. I have a couple ideas though.