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  1. I choosed to kill Ora and myself. I had decided to go through the last level without killing anyone, and doing so I got completely lost ("But what are those guards doing in the Dojo ? And what are those hallucinatory enemies they're talking about ?") Because of that choice, when Ora said to kill all ninjas and purge the clan, I understood that she was pushing me to do something really wrong. ("Killing them all ? Huh ? I accepted the mark to protect them...")Also, I felt pity for Azai. Killing him and all the clan wouldn't have help in any way. Maybe doing so would have protected the ninja tradition and accomplished my revenge, but at the cost of dozens of lives.So the choice was quite easy to do for me, and after I found interesting how my choice of gameplay had influenced my moral choice.Also, tis story reminded me of the comic by Frank Miller, Ronin. They have in common the ending when you understand that everything you believed to be true might be just an illusion, the japonese tradition versus modern western technology plot, and that way the protagonist kills Ora and himself in a single move...(Mild spoiler for those who might be interested in reading the comic) If anyone implied in the developement of MoTN reads me, did you read Ronin ? If yes, were you consciously inspired by it ?Sorry for my bad english, please tell me if there are big mistakes that make my text difficult to understand.