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  1. Oh god so much has changed in just 4 years, I regret everything

  2. I'm not sure why, but that stood out. Don't ask why. It just did.
  3. All hail Lord Wikipedia! Ruler of the internet wisdom!
  4. I assume it says "Mandarin". However, we'd need someone who speaks Mandarin to confirm that. *looks in RavenCrow's direction*
  5. Mandarin writing looks awfully complex... So here's Mandarin in Mandarin on a mandarin.
  6. Anyone else see the angrybird?
  7. I haven't played Don't Starve for a bit (Goddammit, Civilization 5!) so I have no idea what this whole beaver thing is. XD
  8. I'm not sure how or why, but the rough grammar makes these more enjoyable...
  9. The grammar is slowly gnawing at my consciousness...
  10. *Healer. Otherwise, very nice. I feel that this was drawn using a computer mouse, and that's pretty impressive.